SUNY Cortland Mascot Gets a Makeover

SUNY Cortland Mascot Gets a Makeover


New and old Blaze mascot costumes
New Blaze (top) and the old Blaze costume (bottom)

Blaze, SUNY Cortland’s Red Dragon mascot, has been getting some questions lately:

“Have you been working out?”

“Did you lose weight?”

“Where’d you get those shoes?”

The interest is understandable. Last month, Blaze received a serious makeover.

In light of the new, modernized athletics logo unveiled last year, the College this spring ordered a custom-made mascot costume. Actually, it ordered two — one for Blaze portrayers on the tall side, and one for mascot actors of a shorter stature.

Like the updated logo, the new Blaze mascot costume is fiercer, more athletic and has wings. Basically, it’s a little less like Barney the Dinosaur and more like a “Jurassic Park” raptor. Only with sneakers.

Because the mascot’s primary job is to cheer on SUNY Cortland’s athletic teams, the new version is dressed in sports gear — sleeveless shirt, gym shorts and, of course, athletic shoes.

The new Blaze has already made some notable appearances, including last month’s Open House, the Yards for Yeardley event and several games. You’ll see Blaze more as the semester winds down, so be sure to keep an eye out.