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Guiseppe Getto

Guiseppe Getto

Guiseppe Getto, English Department, presented his paper, “Composing Digital Writing Relationships: Toward an Infrastructural Approach to Digital Design and Pedagogy,” at the Conference on College Composition and Communication, held March 21-24 in St. Louis, Mo. Also in March, his poem, “On the Banks of Forgetting,” was accepted by The Sugar House Review. Getto received a Faculty Research Program grant for his new research project “New Media Engagement: Designing Civic Practices for Digital Writers.” Professional writing majors Erin Garrison and Jack Labriola, a dual major, will serve as research assistants for the project. Additionally, Getto received a Teaching Innovation Grant for the development of his new class for the professional writing major titled PWR 410: Digital and Technical Writing for Community Development. Finally, he formed a partnership with a technical writing company called that engages students in the creation of documentation for repairing broken technological devices.