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Sam Kelley

Sam Kelley

Sam Kelley, Communication Studies Department, has announced that his play, “Thruway Diaries,” is now being published as a book and has been adopted by Syracuse University’s African American Studies Department for use during the 2012-13 academic year. “Thruway Diaries” had a workshop production at SUNY Cortland under the title “Driving While Black.” It was also the topic of a workshop at the Juneteenth Theatre Festival at the University of Louisville and the Juneteenth Legacy Theatre in Louisville, Ky.  It made its professional debut at the Jubilee Theatre in Fort Worth, Texas, in June 2005, and later at the Paul Robeson Performing Arts Company in Syracuse, N.Y. The book is available through, and Barnes & Noble. This is one of four of Kelley’s plays that will be published by the end of this year. Kelley is currently on sabbatical and working on a play about African women suffragists and voting rights in Florida.