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Terrence Fitzgerald

Terrence Fitzgerald

Terrence Fitzgerald, Biological Sciences Department, is the author of an article titled “Phelypera distigma Un charançon processionnaire” (A processionary weevil) appearing in the current issue of the French magazine Insectes. Eleven of Fitzgerald’s photographs accompany the article, which was translated by the editors of the publication from an English language version appearing on the author’s website “Social Caterpillars.”  The original studies of the larva, the only weevil known to form head-to-tail processions, were conducted in the Guanacaste, Costa Rica and Jalisco, Mexico as a collaborative effort between the author, James Costa ’85 of Western Carolina University, Alfonso Pescador of the University of Colima in Mexico, Dan Janzen of the University of Pennsylvania and Michael Turna ’03, who recently completed an advanced degree in the chemical ecology of host selection behavior of the eastern tent caterpillars at Binghamton University.