Wendy L. Hurley - SUNY Cortland

Wendy L. Hurley

Wendy L. Hurley

Wendy L. Hurley, Kinesiology Department, was the lead author of a new textbook, Research Methods: A Framework for Evidenced-Based Clinical Practice, 1e, recently published by Lippincott Williams & Wilkins. Co-authors are Craig R. Denegar, University of Connecticut, and Jay Hertel, University of Virginia. Brent T. Wilson, Communication Disorders and Sciences, and Timothy J. Bryant, Kinesiology Department, were contributing authors on two chapters, one titled “Qualitative Inquiry” and the chapter “Ethics and Responsible Conduct in Research and Clinical Practice.” Also, Amy Henderson-Harr, Research and Sponsored Programs, and Alan B. Shang, assistant professor of Anesthesiology, Duke University School of Medicine, and senior research scientist, The Fitzpatrick Institute for Photonics, Duke University Pratt School of Engineering, co-authored a chapter titled, “Writing the Funding Proposal.” This was the only chapter in the text not written or contributed to by any of the primary authors. Henderson-Harr is also acknowledged for her contributions to the chapter titled “Ethics and Responsible Conduct in Research and Clinical Practice.” The text was written specifically for students in allied health care professions that treat patients with movement limitations, such as physical therapy and athletic training. It is designed to teach students how to gather, read, interpret, assess and apply research to clinical practice and to present to students how a framework for evidence-based clinical practice will improve clinical outcomes in their own practice.