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Edward Caffarella

Edward Caffarella

Edward Caffarella, Educational Leadership Department, was at the University of Malaya in Malaysia from April 24 through May 26 on a Fulbright Specialist project grant aimed at raising education standards in Malaysia. While there, he made several formal presentations, including: “Evaluation Research: Conducting Program Evaluation” for faculty and students at the University Malaya; “Leadership Development” a headmasters training session; “Leadership in Higher Education: Moving Beyond Management and Administration” for University of Malaya senior administrators; “Planning for Change in Schools” for MARA Junior College principals and senior administrators; “Accreditation of Teacher Education Programs in the USA for University Utara Malaysia education faculty; “Ethics in Research,” a presentation for faculty and students at the University Utara Malaysia; and “Teachers Traits and Characteristics - American Perspectives,” a national seminar on Malaysian Teachers Competency and Performance Indicators.