General Services

General Services

The General Services Department also operates Central Receiving and Shipping, the campus warehouse, and campus mail services to serve faculty and staff.  The campus mail service conducts daily internal campus mail deliveries, inbound and out-going U.S. mail, UPS, Federal Express and other prioritized mailing services, as well as motor freight and packages for faculty and staff. Our mail department also prepares and processes special bulk mailings as needed by campus departments. Campus accounts are billed for outgoing mail and packages, and mail services may only be used for campus business. For information or help with freight or mailing issues please call 753-2509.

Student mail is handled separately out of Neubig Hall and the phone number for information is 607-753-4611.

In order to avoid problems with accepting large deliveries, we ask that you always notify Central Receiving 48 hours in advance of any large or heavy incoming shipments that may require special handling. Because of limited warehouse space, we are not able to store large shipments more than 2 weeks.

In addition to mail and shipping services, the department maintains a limited moving crew for small to medium sized moves such as office relocations, and furniture deliveries between campus buildings.

To learn about preparation guidelines for office moves, view the Relocation Procedure (PDF). To schedule a move, faculty or staff may enter a work request using the Maintenance Work Request System.

If you have any concerns or suggestions regarding these services please feel free to call Josh McLaughlin at 607-753-5750 or via email at 

Josh Mclaughlin

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