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Why SUNY Cortland?

We asked the question. Our faculty, staff and students answered.

Susan Wilson with graduating seniors

Susan Wilson
Associate Professor
Recreation, Parks and Leisure Studies Department

“My dissertation advisor at Clemson told me that I needed to apply to Cortland. I thought it was too cold. He said I needed to come here to learn how to be a professor, the total package. So I took his advice and I’ve just fallen in love with the people and the place. Everyone that comes to Cortland has this common mission of making things better, whether it’s their students or their own work or the community around them. I’m a better person because of Cortland.”

Jim Hokanson with students in the lab

Jim Hokanson
Kinesiology Department

“I have a great department of colleagues, which makes it easy to enjoy going into work. We just get along really well together. I think that’s true across campus. And in terms of having a family, you can do it all. I can leave my office and in just a few minutes I can pick up my son from school and drive him to his trombone lesson. My wife can take our daughter to dance. As a family, we can do the things that we love without sacrificing anything.”

AnnaMaria Cirrincione with students and colleagues

AnnaMaria Cirrincione
Multicultural Life and Diversity Office

“The best part of my job is working with students. One of my favorite things our office does is our Annual Diversity Retreat, where we bring students into the outdoors for a weekend of diversity training, team building and leadership training. This past year, students started a GroupMe chat on their own and kept in contact for the rest of the year. They attended each others’ events. They shared selfies. It was very nice to see how people who barely knew each other at first became so close.”

Ibipo Johnston-Anumonwo

Ibipo Johnston-Anumonwo
Geography Department

“At Cortland, you are surrounded by many great influences, especially colleagues who value teaching. In my own case, these range from the exemplary Cortland school teachers whose dedication made a difference in my children’s lives, to my colleagues in the Geography Department where students come first in our outlook and our efforts, to my other acquaintances on campus, many of whom are award-winning teachers themselves.”

Chris Tucker

Christopher Tucker ’01
Property Control Manager
Purchasing Office

“When I worked on campus as a student, it became clear to me that this is where I wanted to build my life and my career. I learned quickly that the work life balance at Cortland is wonderful. And I started to appreciate the many campus events that are inexpensive to attend. I’ve seen famous athletes, bands, comedians … even the Incredible Hulk himself, Lou Ferrigno. Now that I have a young family, I look forward to taking advantage of even more of the opportunities that Cortland has to offer.”

Nabila Khazzaka

Nabila Khazzaka
Secretary (Retired)
Alumni Engagement

“My husband and I both came here from Lebanon without knowing a thing about Cortland. We raised our three kids here, he was able to start a successful business and I eventually found a perfect fit at the College. The payback is getting to know great people. For me, that means our team in Alumni Engagement, the people across campus and especially all of our alumni. I love hearing their stories. You have to enjoy your work, and that’s easy to do at Cortland.”

Moataz Emam at the chalkboard

Moataz Emam
Physics Department 

“In addition to what I believe is the perfect school size — Cortland is neither too big, where you don’t get to meet and know everyone, nor is it too small where you have less diversity — I like the equal emphasis on teaching, research and service. We are not a ‘publish or perish’ school, but we are also not a straight teaching school and we pride ourselves on our scholarship, particularly with the students. This combination is, to me, just right.”

Eve Mascoli

Eve Mascoli-Bochino ’08, M ’10
Assistant Director
Recreational Sports

“I worked with Rec Sports in five of my six years as a student, everywhere you can imagine. After graduation, I worked jobs in recreation and athletics in Boston and New York City. I never thought I’d come back to Cortland. But when I came back for the interview, it felt like everything was falling into place. Coming here as a student and having such a great experience, I felt this great connection. I still feel it today.”

Kharmen Wingard

Kharmen Wingard
Senior Counselor
Educational Opportunity Program

“I actually left Cortland for a short time and then came back. And I’ve worked at colleges of all different sizes and types to know that Cortland, hands down, offers the best work experience. There’s something special that you don’t find everywhere else. I think it’s the culture and the people and the opportunities.”

Steve Broyles

Steve Broyles
Distinguished Teaching Professor
Biological Sciences Department

“When I first visited campus in 1992, two things immediately impressed me. Number one, the faculty were actively engaged in research. I could tell things got going in Bowers Hall pretty early. And number two, faculty members showed a profound interest in students and their educations. We attract people who are friendly, scholarly, hard-working and all-around good educators.”

Daniela Baban Hurrle

Daniela Baban Hurrle
Associate Director
International Programs Office

“My favorite thing about Cortland is that I get to know all of my international students by their first name. I know a lot about them. I also appreciate the good rapport I’ve built with faculty and staff members across campus. If there’s a question that I don’t know how to answer, I feel confident directing students to the right place. I like that those relationships exist and that my colleagues can use me as a resource in the same way.”

Steve Axtell

Steve Axtell ’08, M ’14
Head Coach
Men’s Soccer

 “I knew in my later years as a student that I wanted to coach, and Cortland with its athletic reputation was the pinnacle. My dream was to work for the same place that I played for. With that comes a lot of pride, passion and unique perspective. The best part about Cortland is there are no ceilings here, nothing to hold you back. The institution allows you to be great.”

Tevin Pham

Tevin Pham
Exercise Science Major

“I know it sounds corny … Cortland made me a better person. I’m on track to graduate early but I really want to stay the full four years. This is my second home.”

Tim Duerr

Timothy Duerr
Biology Major

“Professors are top-notch. They’ll have posted office hours but no one knows them because they’re always there. They want you to pop in, say hi and tell them about your research or a different class.”

Hannah Hoagland

Hannah Hoagland
Speech and Hearing Science Major

“The atmosphere. When I stepped on campus, it just felt like college should. I didn’t get that feeling other places.

Marissa Cabrera

Marissa Cabrera
Childhood/Early Childhood Education Major

“For me, it was Cortland’s Urban Recruitment of Educators (C.U.R.E.). No other school has anything like it. It’s this small and intimate program that makes a big impact.”

Ursula Mates

Ursula Mates
Physics and Engineering (3+2) Major

“Everything is manageable, whether you want to get involved or change your major. I originally wanted to teach science. Now I want to work on nuclear propulsion submarines, maybe move on to teaching after that.”

Everett Phillips

Everett Phillips
Exercise Science Major

“No joke, President Bitterbaum remembers everyone. And he always asks how you’re doing. He’s genuinely curious. That’s an amazing feeling as a student to know your president really cares.”

Matt Greenlaw

Matt Greenlaw
Sport Management Major

“My brother went to Cortland so I guess you could say it runs in the family. He had a lot of success here – winning a national title and getting a job right after graduating. I’m hoping to do the same.”

Diana Reidy

Diana Reidy
Musical Theatre Major

“Cortland was the last school that I auditioned at. I didn’t feel anything at the others. Cortland just clicked. … And I was right. I’ve been cast in three shows as a freshman. It’s been incredible.”

Dominique Hinds

Dominique Hinds
Psychology Major

“I was nervous about meeting people and making friends. It took a little bit of time, but the faculty really helped with my transition. Now I feel like I know people everywhere.”

Laura Barnstead

Laura Barnstead
Professional Writing and Political Science Dual Major

“I wrote a letter to myself freshman year as part of Adirondack Trail Blazers. I made it my goal to never earn lower than a 4.0 (GPA). It happened. I wanted academic rigor and I wanted balance. I found both here.”

Fernando de la Cruz

Fernando de la Cruz
Social Philosophy and International Studies Dual Major

“It’s an atmosphere where people enjoy challenging themselves. The thing about Cortland is that everybody is on the verge of doing what they want to do. I love the environment. I love the community.”

Pauriany Segarra

Pauriany Segarra
Graphic Design and Digital Media Major

“College should be about meeting different people and developing new skills and Cortland is the perfect place for that. I found a second family after joining my sorority (Sigma Lambda Upsilon).”

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