Sensory Integration/Motor Sensory (SIMS) Movement Exploration Center

Physical Education Department of SUNY Cortland

  • The SIMS lab provides cross-disciplinary Sensory Integration training and research opportunities to faculty, community members, and students majoring in Physical Education, Exercise Science, Speech Pathology, Special Education, Therapeutic Recreation and related areas.
  • The SIMS lab strategies are based on Sensory Integration Theory which is used to explain the relationships between the sensory system of the body, the brains ability to process that information, and behavior.
  • The SIMS lab conducts and disseminates applied research and best practice that promotes an understanding of the impact of Dysfunctions in Sensory Integration of individuals who experience sensory integration delays.
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Meet Our Staff

Timothy D. Davis, Ph.D.

Dr. Davis has been teaching Adapted PE for over 25 years. He earned his PhD from University of Virginia in Early Childhood Special Education and Adapted PE. He is also the director of APENS- the adapted Physical Education National Standards.

Ms. Alexis Abdo

Ms. Abdo has earned her BS and MS degrees in Physical Education from SUNY Cortland and Canisius College.  She was director of the Cortland Homer Afterschool Mentorship Program and was an Elementary PE specialist in the OCS school district. Alexis is currently employed by the Skaneateles School District.