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The following forms are available online for your convenience. The forms are in PDF format, requiring the current versions of Adobe's Acrobat Reader. For information on downloading Adobe Acrobat Reader please go to the Adobe Acrobat Reader site.

All Students:

  • Alternate Registration Form: Instructions and information related to alternate registration. 
  • Personal Data Change (Change of Address, Change of Name/Gender): Allows students to change their address and/or name. All changes to a student's permanent address must be submitted in writing. Mail or fax the signed form to the Registrar's Office at the address/fax number located on the top of the form. If your local address needs to be changed, you may do so via myRedDragon.
  • Change of Schedule Petition: This form is for schedule changes to be approved by the Associate Dean during non-registration periods. You should use this form only when directed to do so by your Associate Dean, the Registrar's Office or an advisor.
  • Credit Overload PetitionUse this form to request permission to enroll in more than 18 credit hours for an undergraduate; and 14 credit hours for a graduate student.
  • Leave of Absence Request (Undergraduate & Graduate Students): Used to file a Leave of Absence from SUNY Cortland. A student applying for a Leave of Absence must give a definite semester of return for re-registering at SUNY Cortland and must re-register within one academic year from the date of the leave.
  • Permission to Audit: In many courses, you may have the opportunity to audit the class, provided that space is available and instructor permission is granted. Auditing a course means you enroll in the class and attend it, but you forego receiving a grade or earning credit.
  • Request to Change Degree Conferral Date: Use this form when your commencement date must be changed to accommodate requirement completion.  Consult your advisor or coordinator before using this form.
  • TEACH Authorization: This form is used to give the College permission to share your personal information with The New York State Education Department so that we may recommend you for teacher certification. This is not a certification application. You will need to apply on line for certification through the New York State Education TEACH system
  • Time Conflict Petition: Students are not able to enroll simultaneously in classes meeting during the same time period. Students may petition the Associate Dean for approval to register for courses that have a time conflict. If approval is given you must register for the course through the Registrar’s Office.
  • Transcript Request: Used to order an official SUNY Cortland college transcript from the Registrar's Office.
  • Withdrawal From College: Allows a student to withdraw from SUNY Cortland. Appropriate signatures must be obtained from the Associate Dean of your school before submitting this form for approval.
  • Withdrawal From Course: Used to withdraw from a course. Please note that the deadline for withdrawing is November 15 in the Fall and April 15 in the Spring. Appropriate signatures must be obtained from the Associate Dean of your school before submitting this form for approval.

Undergraduate Students:

Graduate Students:

Faculty & Staff:

  • Access Request for Instructors & Advisors: This form is used to assign or remove myRedDragon (MRD) access to advising and faculty tools within the portal.

  • Blended and Infrequent Meeting Requests: Use this form to request space for published course times  in blended on infrequent sections prior to EMS system availability.

  • Change of Catalog Term: Used by the Department Chair and Associate Dean to request a change in catalog term for a declared major or program.

  • Co-Instructor Authorization: Department chairs and instructors will use this form to authorize multiple instructors for a course. This will grant access to the course in Blackboard, in addition to listing the instructor as a co-instructor on the official schedule.

  • Course Creation Form: Department chairs and deans will use this form to authorize the creation of a new course during course building processes.

  • Course Substitution/Exception Form: Used by advisors and deans to approve a course substitution on the degree audit (CAPP or Degree Works).
  • New Faculty Course Association: Used to designate new faculty members (new hires and new adjunct faculty) to be associated with courses on the schedule of classes. 

  • Request for Alternate Exam Time: An instructor uses this form to indicate that an exam will not be given, to request an alternate final exam time, or to request an alternate location for an exam.