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Registrar's Academic Department and Administrative Resources


This is an abbreviated version of the print RADAR that will is provided to each academic departments before the start of the semester (beginning in Fall 2013).

Dates and Deadlines

Critical Reference

Instructions and Guides

  • Banner Report Listing (PDF)
    Lists and describes the available Banner job submission reports. 
  • Blackboard Community Space
    Additional documents, videos and information can be found in our community space, avaialble to all department administrators and chairs.
  • Grading Tutorials
    Grading tutorials for use by instructors entering midterm estimates and final grades.

Course Building, Space and Reservation Information

  • Instructional Space Inventory
    This page includes detailed information, sortable views and photos of classrooms. This replaces the former classroom capacity document.
  • myRedDragon EMS Reservations
    Lab reservations and other space reservations are made online through the campus EMS (Event Management System). This system is used to reserve conference rooms and labs.  In Fall 2012, this will be expanded to permit classrooms reservations for additional events or supplemental instruction. View the instructions online as well. 
  • Standard Times and Meeting Patterns (PDF)
    Identifies the approved times and meeting patterns for courses.
  • Additional Course Building Resources
    More resources associated with course building, including instructor association forms. 

Final Exam Information

Process: Effective in Fall 2013, the Registrar's Office will be providing a pre-printed final exam request forms, which will allow you to indicate the exam needs for each course.  This will be made avaialble to departments in both Excel and printed form immediately following the add drop-period.

Fall 2013 Deadlines: Departments may provide the Registrar's Office with the completed worksheets ant any point up to Friday, October 4, 2103.