Logo Reproduction and Usage

SUNY Cortland's official logo

The official SUNY Cortland logo is a mark consisting of customized typography and color and reflects our most popular and most distinctive name. It prominently associates our College with the State University of New York.

The stylized “C” represents a sense of movement or momentum and serves as the distinguishing element of the logo. The indication of motion with the static strength of the other letters, gives an interesting feel and visual movement to the logo while representing progress and institutional history.

The College logo must be used as the primary graphic identifier in all communications. Separate logos that represent individual units or programs are generally not permitted.

Logo Reproduction

Consistent and proper use of the logo is essential for ensuring the desired perception of SUNY Cortland. Likewise, the integrity of the SUNY Cortland brand diminishes when the logo is incorrectly applied. The exact arrangement and proportion of the logo must not be altered in any way.

After placing the logo in a document, if you need to change its size, be sure to keep it in proportion. This can be done by holding down the Shift Key and dragging any corner.

 Logo scaled wrong   Logo scaled improperly

The primary SUNY Cortland logo consists of two colors, Cortland red and black. These colors must not be altered unless otherwise outlined in this guide.

When reproduced in color, the logo must use the PMS, CMYK, RGB or Web color equivalents identified in the Colors section of this guide. Variations of the College logo are outlined in the Alternate Approved Usage section of this page and are provided on the Logo Downloads page.

Minimum Sizes

Minimum logo sizes

The logos may be enlarged or reduced in size as required.

The minimum size of the logo is often determined by the method of reproduction or fabrication. The minimum size, using optimal reproduction methods, can be measured by the height of the “C” at 1/4”. When using the logo with the tagline, the minimum increases to 1.”

The logo should be used only at a size which does not compromise quality and legibility.

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Clear Space

The logo must not be crowded or overwhelmed by other elements.

“Clear space” refers to the area surrounding the logo that should be kept free from visual distraction.

No graphic element or text of any kind should be placed within this clear space unless otherwise shown in this manual. The recommended clear space is equal to the x-height of the “n” in the logo.
(X = height of the letter n) as shown below.

Graphic showing the method for determining clear space around the logo.

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Alternate Approved Usage

Approved variations of the logo have been created for one-color publications and are available on the Logo Downloads page.

Acceptable logo variations

A. The black logo is for use in one-color productions and over lighter background colors.

B. Only the approved Cortland red can be used in this one-color version.

C. The white logo should be used over darker background colors. Use the EPS file for printed materials and the GIF version for the Web.

The official College colors, Cortland Red, white or black, should be used to reproduce the logo. Gold, bronze, silver and copper also are acceptable.

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Custom Usage of Logo

The Marketing Office will place the names of offices, departments, student clubs and groups beneath the College's logo for use on apparel or signage.

For more information, please contact 607-753-2519 or marketing@cortland.edu.

Non-Approved Usage

Consistent and proper usage of the logo is essential.

View some examples of incorrect usage.

If you are faced with using the logo in an application that you find questionable or not included in this manual, please contact the Marketing Office at marketing@cortland.edu.

Mark Integrity

The integrity of the SUNY Cortland brand diminishes when the logos are incorrectly applied. Any variation or alteration, however small, is unacceptable.

DO NOT change the colors.
DO NOT change the color of separate components of the mark.
DO NOT outline any part of the mark.
DO NOT use a white border to outline the mark on dark backgrounds.
DO NOT rearrange the components, eliminate or use the components separately unless otherwise noted in this manual.
DO NOT distort the mark or scale it disproportionately.
DO NOT rotate mark.
DO NOT violate the clear space with text, images, or any other element.
DO NOT fill the mark with a photograph or any other pattern or texture.
DO NOT use the logo as a substitute for the words "SUNY Cortland" in a sentence.
DO NOT lock up the logo with any other logo.

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