Policies and Standards

Email is a campus resource that provides a quick and cost-effective means to communicate and to promote the College's overall mission. Email messages should be used for internal and external communications that serve legitimate College business and must meet professional standards of conduct.

View the College's email policy.

Email is an important form of communication that enables us to convey SUNY Cortland’s message in a consistent fashion. Common email formats have been developed for all individual email addresses and signatures so that we can represent the College in a unified manner and make it easier for people to contact us.

When representing yourself as part of the College, the minimal or extended external email signature should be used on every email you send. Day-to-day emails between coworkers can be abbreviated.

Email Addresses

SUNY Cortland's email address format is or

This format should be used for email addresses that are listed in electronic or printed communications, such as your email signature, business card, etc.

Taglines and Promotional Messages

Avoid taglines, promotional messages or quotes; they may be perceived as College-wide statements. Exceptions may be made in the case of short-term Collegewide initiatives. These messages must be submitted to the Marketing Committee for approval and must include proposed text and/or graphic elements and a plan for distribution and expiration of the promotion.  Each initiative must meet brand and editorial style guidelines and have a hard expiration date before being considered.