Department/Program Logos

The College logo must be used as the primary graphic identifier in all communications. Separate logos that represent individual units or programs are not permitted.

College Logo with Department or Office Name

Use of the College logo along with the name of a department, office, club or other group should follow the guidelines listed here. These guidelines apply to apparel, signage, banners and promotional items such as bags, mugs, nametags or other giveaways.

logo with unit name

  • The name must be written in all caps using Agenda Bold in red or black.
  • "X" is the height of the word SUNY in the logo. The letters of the name cannot be taller than this height.
  • The name must fit on no more that two lines of type.
  • "Y" is the distance from the top of the logo's main body to the top of the "C" in Cortland. For example, from the top of the "o", "r," "a" or "n" to the top of the "C." This is the distance that must be used between the logo's main body and the top of the name.