The official school colors are red and white.

They should be used in all internal and external materials and must correspond with the color values listed below.

Black is not a primary school color, but it is a secondary color, along with warm grey. They can be used as background colors in conjunction with red and white.

Accent colors can be used to support and complement the primary and secondary colors, but should never take their place.

Color Values

The color value used depends on the medium:

  • Use PMS or CMYK in print and on items such as apparel and signs, etc.
  • RGB or Web values are for electronic/digital use. 

Primary Colors

Pantone 186

PMS 186
CMYK 0-100-81-4
RGB 185-16-0
Web #B91000

White swatch

PMS White
CMYK 0-0-0-0
RGB 255-255-255

Secondary Colors


PMS Black
CMYK 0-0-0-100
RGB 0-0-0
Web #000000

PMS Warm Gray 2

PMS Warm Grey 2
CMYK 0-2-7-9
RGB 233-227-216
Web #E9E5DA

Accent Colors

Pantone 371

PMS 371
CMYK 43-0-100-56
RGB 79-111-25
Web #4f6f19

Pantone 5777

PMS 5777
CMYK 10-0-49-28
RGB 176-181-121
Web #b0b579

Pantone 144

PMS 144
CMYK 0-48-100-0
RGB 248-151-29
Web #f8971d

Pantone 209

PMS 209
CMYK 0-100-34-53
RGB 134-0-56
Web #860038

Charcoal Gray

Name Charcoal Gray
CMYK 69-63-62-56
RGB 54-54-54
Web #363636