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To download the fonts, login to myRedDragon and choose the Tech Info tab, and find the Download Fonts box. Select the appropriate link, download and install.

Specific typefaces should be used in all correspondence, electronic communication and printed materials to ensure that the documents received from the College will be immediately associated with SUNY Cortland.


Primary typefaces

These fonts should be used in all literature and collateral materials prepared by SUNY Cortland.

Agenda: The Agenda family of typefaces provides a simple yet modern appeal and helps emphasize the progressive qualities of the College. The Agenda font family should be used primarily for body copy.
Americana: The Americana font family of typefaces is a classic serif font that complements Agenda. Americana will be used sparingly in publications for headlines, subheads and special copy. The new College logo is printed in Americana.

For proper use of the Agenda and Americana typefaces on special projects, please consult with the Marketing Office.

Alternate E-communications Typefaces

Verdana and Georgia typefaces should be substituted for Agenda and Americana respectively when using electronic communications such as PowerPoint, email or other online communications.

Alternate Print Typefaces

In cases where the primary typefaces are not available for print, the Arial and Times Roman typefaces may be substituted for Agenda and Americana respectively. 

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Font Samples

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