Course Requirements

There are basic requirements for all students in COR 101:

1. Students should attend at least five campus/community events.

Generally, students are asked to attend five to seven events throughout the entire semester. Encourage students to attend as a group or with the TA.

  • Cultural
  • Athletic
  • Lecture or Program (sponsored by campus or academic department)
  • Academic club meeting associated with student's major (or club meeting of interest)
  • Student choice (another event from the list above)

2. Students are expected to write at least 6 (to 12) pages of material.

3. Students should become proficient using myRedDragon. 

Students receive important campus information via myRedDragon. It is important students review their email on a daily basis.

4. Students are expected to attend class and participate with class discussion and activities.

Active learning techniques are encouraged in and out of class.

5. Completion of the College Student Inventory (CSI).

          Additional information along with login directions will be distributed early in the semester to instructors and teaching assistants. 

Course Syllabus

All syllabi should include:

  1. Instructor name, telephone, e-mail, and office hours
  2. Teaching assistant name and contact information
  3. Course and section number
  4. Meeting time and location
  5. Description of course (use College Catalog or COR website description)
  6. Course goals and objectives
  7. Required texts (Purpose and Practice, College Catalog, student planner)
  8. Course requirements
  9. Course outline/weekly schedule
  10. Grading and attendance policies
  11. Class expectations
  12. Academic integrity, student accommodations and PASS statements
  13. Grading rubric - COR 101 is graded on a scale of E (failing) to A+ (superior) and is worth one credit in the student's grade point average calculation. You can review the college catalog for more information on grading. The following weighting of assignments is recommended to determine course grades and ensure a level of consistency throughout all COR sections: Written Work 30%, Class Participation 30%, Outside Activities 30%, and Attendance 10%. Instructors may use any grade point system that fits their needs. We suggest a total point scale of 100 or 1000 (with a maximum number of points per assignment) to make final grade calculations clearer.  Extra credit is at your discretion.

We offer a syllabus template to assist you with your course outline. You can also contact the COR 101 program coordinator for sample course outlines and teaching assistant learning contracts.

First class/week activities:

  1. Verify accuracy of class list (inform Advisement and Transition of any inconsistencies)
  2. Review syllabus and the purpose of COR 101
  3. Distribute Student Planner (TA distributes)
  4. Ask students if they understand their schedule or need assistance during drop/add
  5. Allow time for introduction and icebreakers (consider additional icebreakers for second class)
  6. Have students fill out an information sheet
  7. Ask students to reflect on their fears and challenges (good first or second week activity)