COR 101: The Cortland Experience - SUNY Cortland

COR 101: The Cortland Experience

COR 101 is a required one credit, graded seminar designed to facilitate the intellectual and social integration of  first-time college students into the SUNY Cortland academic community. 

COR 101 is designed to help students:

  • Understand and negotiate the transition to college
  • Learn about SUNY Cortland, policies, and procedures
  • Develop critical thinking and responsible decision-making skills
  • Understand and value new viewpoints
  • Utilize academic and campus resources

For questions regarding COR 101, contact Advisement and Transition: 607-753-4726

COR 101 was initiated at SUNY Cortland in the fall of 1997. The course was developed from the growing field of research and practice regarding the first-year experience and previous initiatives at SUNY Cortland. First-year seminars are a nationwide initiative, developed in different formats, but they typically share common foundational themes such as developmental and meta-cognition theories, involvement, and integration themes.