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Ngozichukwu Mafiana

Profile: Ngozichukwu Mafiana

"I would be so distracted anywhere else. I think Cortland provides a great place for learning. "

Like so many of our students, Ngozichukwu “Ngozi” Mafiana believes fate brought her to SUNY Cortland. She squeezes every minute out of every day and is convinced Cortland offers the perfect atmosphere to do that.

A native of Nigeria, she wasted no time finding ways to get involved in campus life. In fact, she’s even left a permanent mark by creating the Pan African Student Association. Ngozi also is an expert in trimming the price of her college experience, living for free on campus because she serves as a resident assistant in Alger Hall and earning money through a part-time job she works at Cortland.

An Ideal Location: “I would be so distracted anywhere else,” Ngozi says. “I think Cortland provides a great place for learning. Plus, for those weekends when I want to get away, Cortland has great services for that. Buses take you to New York City for reasonable prices or you can get some quick shopping done in Syracuse.”

Personal Professors: “I have two amazing biology professors: Dr. John Sternfeld and Dr. Steven Broyles,” she says. “They always call on me by name and they are concerned about me on a personal level. Whenever they see me, they ask how I’m doing and how I’m progressing. They really care about my background and take an interest in it.”