Graduate Comprehensive Exam


The graduate comprehensive exam is usually given twice a year: at the end of summer session II, and at the end of the fall semester.

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  • Passing the comprehensive exam is a requirement of our graduate programs.
  • The minimum passing score is 52 points with at least 10 points in each section.
  • If it is possible to obtain a passing score by earning a higher score from a single
    section, then a student may choose to retake just that section on a subsequent
  • The college policy, as written in the graduate catalog, under Academic Policies
    and Requirements for the Award of Master's Degrees or Certificates of Advanced
    Study, is that a comprehensive examination "shall not be taken more than three
    times". Each attempt, whether on all sections or any single section, is considered
    one of the three allowable attempts.
  • Failure to pass the comprehensive examination within three attempts makes a
    student ineligible to earn a master's degree from the Mathematics Department.


Review Sheets

Below are some review sheets created by faculty for the various classes covered in the comprehensive exam. Note: None of the problems on these handouts should be construed as being comprehensive exam questions, nor do they necessarily cover the entire spectrum of possible questions.

All review sheets are in PDF format.

MAT 501 (Pitman)

MAT 501 (Schubert)

MAT 502 (Dickerson)

MAT 502 (Jubran)

MAT 603 (Pitman)

MAT 603 (Sharma)

MAT 604 (Schubert)