Department Information

Isa Jubran
Moffett Center, Room 129
Phone: 607-753-4326
Fax: 607-753-2971

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Adolescence Education: Mathematics (7-12) [AEM]

This major in the Mathematics Department leads to New York state certification to teach mathematics in grades 7-12.

Career Potential

  • Curriculum coordinator
  • Mathematics teacher, high school or junior high school
  • Educational administrator

Program Details for Adolescence Education: Mathematics (7-12) [AEM]

Mathematics [MAT]

The liberal arts program in the Mathematics Department provides broad background in both pure and applied mathematics. The B.S. option is more appropriate for students interested in scientific and technical applications of mathematics.

Career Potential

  • Actuary
  • Cryptologist
  • Computer analyst
  • Statistician

Program Details for Mathematics [MAT]

Mathematics Minor [MAT]

Mathematics Department
Isa Jubran, chair
Moffett Center, Room 129
(607) 753-4326

Program Details for Mathematics Minor [MAT]