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Faculty and Staff Activities

Robert Spitzer

Robert Spitzer, Political Science Department, gave a talk on, “Is Gun Control Un-American or at Least Unconstitutional?” at Temple Concord in Syracuse, N.Y., on Oct. 14 as part of the temple’s scholars series. On Oct. 25, Spitzer presented “The American Gun Debate is Under Water” at the TEDxCortland Conference held at Tinelli’s Hathaway House in Cincinnatus, N.Y.

Ute Ritz-Deutch

Ute Ritz-Deutch, History Department, presented “Immigration 2014: Children and Families” at a luncheon and discussion meeting held on Oct. 16 at the YWCA in Cortland, N.Y.

Noelle Chaddock Paley

Noelle Chaddock Paley, Multicultural Life and Diversity Office and Africana Studies Department gave a talk titled “On Being a Black Woman” at Mohawk Valley Community College for their Fall 2014 Cultural Series. The talk took place on both the Utica and Rome campuses.

Melissa A. Morris

Melissa A. Morris, Physics Department, had her NASA proposal titled “Chondrule Formation in Impact Plumes” selected for funding in the amount of $330,000 for 2014-16. Her joint publication, “Overcoming the Meter Barrier and the Formation of Systems with Tightly Packed Inner Planets (STIPs),” was published in The Astrophysical Journal Letters in September. Also, Morris attended the Circumstellar Disks and Planet Formation Conference Oct. 12-14 at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.

Tara Mahoney, Kate Polasek and Larissa True

Tara Mahoney, Sport Management Department, and Kate Polasek and Larissa True, Kinesiology Department, delivered “An Examination of Participants in Women’s Specific Events” at the Sport Marketing Association Conference, held Oct. 22-24 in Philadelphia, Pa. 

Mark Dodds

Mark Dodds, Sport Management Department, presented “Why is Michael Jordan Suing a Grocery Store” and “Sponsorship in Brazil: Compliance with the FCPA and CCA” at the Sport Marketing Association Conference, held Oct. 22-24 in Philadelphia, Pa.

Laura J. Davies

Laura J. Davies, English Department, had her essay, “Teaching with Love,” published in the Fall 2014 issue of Composition Studies. 

Steven Dangler and Paul Vanvalkenburg

Steven Dangler and Paul Vanvalkenburg, University Police Department, recently attended an Investigators Roundtable Training Conference as part of SUNY’s ongoing commitment to safe campus environments. University police investigators, supervisors and officers from 23 SUNY campuses and system administration attended the conference, which was held in Saratoga Springs, N.Y., and featured investigators from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. Topics included: training in sexual assault investigations through the use of social media and the Internet; trends in drug trafficking reviewed by the New York State Intelligence Center and the New York State Police; an update on the federal Clery Act, Violence Against Women Act, and recent changes to Title IX by SUNY’s Office of the General Counsel. 

Ray Cotrufo

Ray Cotrufo, Sport Management Department, presented “An Examination of Fan Reactions to NFL Cause Related Marketing” at the Sport Marketing Association Conference, held Oct. 22-24 in Philadelphia, Pa.

Timothy J. Baroni

Timothy J. Baroni, Biological Sciences Department, with co-authors Bradley R. Kropp, Utah State University, Vera S. Evenon, Denver Botanical Gardens, and Markus Wilhelm, Allschwil, Switzerland, published a peer-reviewed paper titled “Cercopemyces crocodilinus, a New Genus and Species Related to Ripartitella, is Described from North America” in the September/October issue of the journal Mycologia. This new mushroom is associated with mountain mahogany shrubs in the arid mountainous regions of Utah and Colorado. Baroni coined the genus name after the Greek mythological characters, the Cercopes. The species name, crocodilinus, indicates the thick scaly skin found on the cap of the mushrooms. The authors noted that to find such a robust fungus in an arid ecosystem is unusual.