Faculty and Staff Activities


Evan Faulkenbury

Evan Faulkenbury, History Department, had his peer-reviewed article, ‘“Monroe is Hell’: Voter Purges, Registration Drives, and the Civil Rights Movement in Ouachita Parish, Louisiana,” published in the Winter 2018 issue of Louisiana History.

Kathleen A. Lawrence

Kathleen A. Lawrence, Communication Studies Department, recently learned that her poem “Wherefore Art Thou?” was accepted for publication by Star*Line, the print journal of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Poetry Association. “I'm Going to Make You Love Me,” a speculative piece, will be in the upcoming issue, Star*Line 41.3, July 2018.

Jaroslava Prihodova

Jaroslava Prihodova, Art and Art History Department, received a $3000 grant under the auspices of the Conversation in the Disciplines Program initiated by the State University of New York. The funds will be used for an interdisciplinary one-day symposium titled “Beyond Obvious” set for February 2019 in Dowd Gallery. The event will include speakers from Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Nazareth College, Syracuse University and SUNY Cortland. The symposium will be organized in conjunction with a four-week exhibition titled “Hidden Beauty: Exploring the Aesthetics of Medical Science,” slotted for Jan. 28 to Feb. 22. This collaborative traveling exhibition was organized by Norman Barker and Christine Lacobuzio-Donahue, both from Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. The core idea put forth explores the aesthetics of human disease, both within and beyond the context of our preconceived social systems. The additional accompanying exhibition, “Beyond Obvious,” will feature three-dimensional works inspired by medical research and is curated by Prihodova.

Vaughn Randall

Vaughn Randall, Art and Art History Department, is curator of an exhibition titled “Liquid Earth,” on display in the Hope Horn Gallery at the University of Scranton in Pennsylvania. The show features artworks produced in part during the International Conference on Contemporary Cast Iron Art (ICCCIA) in Scranton, iron pours performed at SUNY Cortland and art residencies in China tied to SUNY Cortland’s Art and Art History Department program. Participating artists are Changzong Shao, Hui Fang, Gavin Kenyon, Tom Kohler, Lionel Maunz, Randall, Margarita Rasso, Erin Schiano and Wei Li. The exhibition will be on view from June until the end of the 2018 Fall Semester.

The “Liquid Earth” exhibition was conceived as result of a long-term collaboration among artists in the cast iron community in connection and support of SUNY Cortland. Over the years, the campus became a creative hub for local, regional and international artists who came to produce their pieces, share their work and ideas with the public, students and faculty.

The ICCCIA started as a grass root organization that promotes artists active in the field of cast iron. Since the conception, the ICCCIA developed a widely recognized international platform that fosters innovation in the creative practice and sustains relevancy in the context of the contemporary art scene. Associated artists cultivate a multi-faceted dialog furthering cultural, historical and aesthetic discourse and inspire global participation in the practice.    

The exhibition is organized by Randall, associate professor of sculpture at SUNY Cortland, and co-chair and president of the ICCCIA. Randall invited artists to participate in the exhibition whose work align with the philosophical framework of the organization in support of its mission statement. “It is important to acknowledge that cottage industry, cupola cast iron operations in the U.S. are essentially gone,” said Randall. “As a result, the ability and technical knowledge about small production drastically diminished. The artistic community adopted the practices for the purposes of creating contemporary sculpture. The artists in the exhibition demonstrate a common approach towards contemporary cast iron sculpture while keeping the tradition alive. The exhibition celebrates and promotes an interest around cast iron sculpture, craft and community.” 

John Suarez

John Suarez, Institute for Civic Engagement, hosted the second teleconference of the North/South Central New York Applied Learning Coalition. Two SUNY Cortland students joined 10 applied learning professionals from seven colleges and universities in a two-hour discussion that generated ideas to address student food insecurity, to improve assessment of applied learning projects’ learning outcomes, and to increase student participation in voting-related activities.

Ryan Vooris

Ryan Vooris, Sport Management Department, presented his research on ESPN at the 11th Summit on Communication and Sport, held April 26 to 29 at Indiana University. Also, he served on a panel focused on the intersection of marketing and communication theory. 

Will Montgomery

Will Montgomery, Communications Office, will receive the SUNY Council for University Advancement (SUNYCUAD) Award For Excellence for feature writing, honoring the job he did capturing the tale of SUNY Cortland’s 1980 national champion women’s soccer team and their subsequent documentary film and reunion. Read the story: “Film on First U.S. Women’s Soccer Champion – SUNY Cortland – Premieres.” The award will be presented at SUNYCUAD’s annual conference set for June 6 to 8 in Syracuse, N.Y.

Seth N. Asumah

Seth N. Asumah, Africana Studies and Political Science departments, presented his paper “United States Immigration Policy and the Politics of Exclusion: Seeing More Than African Immigrants” at the New York African Studies Association (NYASA) 43rd annual conference held April 12 and 13 at Seton Hall University, South Orange, N.J. Also, Asumah supervised the research projects of four Africana studies majors and minors, which were presented at NYASA conference: Alliyah Dookie presented “Rethinking Internal Migration Benefits for Africa,” Jacob Wrights presented “Should All Speech Be Free? How Hate Speech Negates Freedom,” Kevin Robinson presented “Miseducation, Socialization and Conformity in the Black Community,” and Devon Sanders presented his research paper on “Melanin.”

Carolyn Bershad

Carolyn Bershad, Counseling and Student Development, has been informed that the Counseling Center has met the criteria for full re-accreditation by the International Association of Counseling Services (IACS), the only association that accredits counseling services on university and college campuses. Accreditation by IACS is dependent upon evidence of continuing professional development as well as demonstration of excellence in counseling performance. The Counseling Center offers individual and group counseling for students, as well as consultation and outreach to the campus community and beyond.

Alexis Blavos

Alexis Blavos, Health Department, was awarded the Warren E. Schaller Presidential Citation for Service to the field of Health Sciences from the national health education honorary, Eta Sigma Gamma. She serves as Eta Sigma Gamma’s national director of advocacy chair.