Faculty and Staff Activities

Pam Schroeder

Pam Schroeder, Academic Affairs Office, presented a session titled “Lessons from a Curriculog Implementation” at Digital Architecture’s (Curriculog) annual conference, held March 1-4 in Tampa, Fla.

Gregory D. Phelan

Gregory D. Phelan, Chemistry Department, had his paper, “Properties and Structure of Two Fluorinated 1,10-phenanthrolines,” accepted for publication later this year in the peer-reviewed Journal of Fluorine Chemistry. Also, Phelan had his 15th United States Patent issued on Feb. 10. The patent, 8,952,102, is titled “Alkyl ether compositions and methods of use.” 

Mechthild Nagel

Mechthild Nagel, Philosophy and Africana Studies departments and Center for Gender and Intercultural Studies, presented “Pitfalls of Diversity Management” at a symposium titled “Difference that Makes no Difference: The Non-Performativity of Intersectionality and Diversity.” The symposium was hosted on Feb. 5 by the Frankfurt Research Center for Postcolonial Studies at Goethe University in Frankfurt, Germany. Nagel is serving as a visitor at the Max Planck Institute for Ethnic and Religious Diversity in Germany during the spring semester.  Best papers from the symposium will be edited by Professor Nikita Dhawan, University of Innsbruck, Austria, and will appear in SUNY Cortland’s journal Wagadu in 2016.

Emmanuel S. Nelson

Emmanuel S. Nelson, English Department, is the editor of the recently published Ethnic American Literature: An Encyclopedia for Students, Santa Barbara: ABC-CLIO Press. It is a revised, updated version of the five-volume Encyclopedia of Multiethnic American Literature that he edited in 2005.

Melissa A. Morris

Melissa A. Morris, Physics Department, had her NASA Emerging Worlds grant proposal selected for funding in the amount of $319,000. This highly interdisciplinary grant will involve Morris, an undergraduate student and a research assistant at SUNY Cortland, as well as researchers at Arizona State University and Caltech. The entire project has been funded by NASA at a level of approximately $500,000.

Also, Morris submitted a paper, “The Effect of Multiple Particle Sizes on Cooling Rates of Chondrules Produced in Large-scale Shocks in the Solar Nebula” to Meteoritics and Planetary Science.

Also, Morris has been invited to give a talk at NASA headquarters in Washington, D.C. in September 2015.

Mary McGuire

Mary McGuire, Political Science Department, was interviewed for education reporter Solveigj Wastvedt’s story “State Education Boards: Who’s Got the Power.” The segment was aired March 9 on public radio stations WSKG, WRVO and WXXI. McGuire focuses on education policy.

Anna Curtis

Anna Curtis, Sociology/Anthropology Department, presented a paper titled “Paternity and the Paradigms of Possibility: Comparing Two Fatherhood Programs in American Prisons” at the 2015 International Conference on Masculinities held March 5-7 in New York City.

Carol Costell Corbin

Carol Costell Corbin, Advisement and Transition, presented a concurrent session at the National Institute for the Study of Transfer Students annual conference held Feb. 4-6 in Atlanta, Ga. Her presentation was titled “Transfer Credit Services that Support Completion for all Students.” 

Tiantian Zheng

Tiantian Zheng, Sociology/Anthropology Department, recently had her article, “Transnational Migration, Global Links, and Social Inequality: Human Trafficking and North Korean Women in China,” published in the March issue of The International Journal of Interdisciplinary Global Studies.

Nance S. Wilson

Nance S. Wilson, Literacy Department, had her article titled “Do the CCSS Support Developmentally Responsive Teaching of Young Adolescents?” published in volume 34 of the American Reading Forum Yearbook