Faculty and Staff Activities - SUNY Cortland

Faculty and Staff Activities

Dennis Weng

Dennis Weng, Political Science Department, has announced recent accomplishments, including his invitation and participation in a roundtable discussion on the latest Taiwan issues held June 10 and 11 at the University of Toronto. Also, he was invited by National Chengchi University’s Center for Southeast Asian Studies to join their future research program as an international research fellow, from 2016 to 2018. Finally, Weng’s paper, “The Effects of Civic Consciousness and Civil Disobedience on Support for and Participation in Contentious Politics,” has been accepted for publication in the Japanese Journal of political science. This paper will be published by the end of 2016. 

Robert Spitzer

Robert Spitzer, Political Science Department, is the author of an article titled, “Gun Rights, Tyranny, and Rebellion” that was published in the July/August issue of the philosophy journal, The Critique. It is part of a symposium issue on “Contending With the Complexity of the Gun Violence Debate in the United States.”

Mary Schlarb and Nan Pasquarello

Mary Schlarb, International Programs, and Nan Pasquarello, Title IX Coordinator, presented the live webinar, “Beyond Boundaries: Prevention and Response Strategies for Study Abroad and International Student Programs,” on June 16 and July 26 as part of the Violence Prevention Webinars and Live Training series open to public and private institutions throughout New York State, across the U.S. and beyond. The State University of New York, the New York State Office for the Prevention of Domestic Violence, the New York State Coalition Against Sexual Assault, the New York State Coalition Against Domestic Violence, and the New York State Department of Health offer this webinar series to train college and community partners in prevention and response. The webinars presented by Schlarb and Pasquarello were widely viewed with more than 250 registered sites for the two sessions. 

Melissa Morris

Melissa Morris, Physics Department, has been invited to speak at a workshop on the early Solar System set for Nov. 7-10 in Tokyo, Japan, and to contribute a manuscript to the publication of the workshop proceedings. Also, Morris has been issued a VIP invitation to the launch of the OSIRIS-REx mission, NASA’s sample return mission to the asteroid Bennu. The launch is scheduled for Thursday, Sept. 8, at Kennedy Space Center, Cape Canaveral, with a launch window through Friday, Sept. 10.  More information can be found at www.asteroidmission.org

Susan Rayl

Susan Rayl, Kinesiology Department, presented a paper titled “Killing History: The Senseless Death of the Renaissance Ballroom,” at the 44th North American Society for Sport History (NASSH) Annual Convention, held May 27-30 at Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta. Also, she was named co-editor, with Gary James of Manchester Metropolitan University, U.K., of the NASSH bi-annual newsletter.

Kathleen Lawrence

Kathleen Lawrence, Communication Studies Department, had 12 poems accepted for publiation. Eight poems were published during the summer. “Alice Abbreviated” and “Dorothy Delivered” both appeared in Altered Reality Magazine in August. “Intoxicated” and “A Sexual Assault in the Woods” were published in Crow Hollow 19 in July. Two more poems, “How to Write a Poem” and “How to Break Up with Your Dinosaur,” were published in the Muses’ Gallery of Highland Park Poetry in June. Her poem “Pure Prince” appeared in Delirious: A Poetic Tribute to Prince (NightBallet Press), also in June. “Requiem” appeared in A Prince Tribute (Yellow Chair Review) in May 2016. Also, Lawrence has four more poems currently forthcoming. “‘King," an elegy for B.B. King, will be published in October in an introduction to poetry textbook by Kendall Hunt. “Detecting Nancy Drew” will appear in the Nancy Drew Anthology forthcoming from Silver Birch Press. Two poems, “Breastfeeding Bliss” and “Milk and Honey,” will appear in the journal Breastfeeding Medicine.

Jean W. LeLoup

Jean W. LeLoup, professor emerita of Spanish, recently had the third edition of her textbook, ¡Anda! Curso intermedio, published by Pearson Education. It is an intermediate-level Spanish text for the college level.

Doug Langhans

Doug Langhans, Admissions, has been elected chair of Study New York, a consortium of more than 50 SUNY, CUNY and private institutions formed to promote New York as a destination for international students. He will serve as chair-elect for two years prior to becoming chair for 2018-19. Langhans, a Study New York board member, has been active in the consortium for many years and represented the consortium this past May at NAFSA: Association of International Educators Annual Conference in Denver, Colo.

Bonni C. Hodges

Bonni C. Hodges, Health Department, was a participant in the Assembly on Health Equity and Prosperity held Aug. 4-5. Hosted by the University of Maryland’s Center for Health Equity and funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, the assembly brought practitioners, academics, business leaders, and government officials together to build skills and capabilities to empower local actions to improve health equity and prosperity.

Lisa Kahle

Lisa Kahle, Campus Technology Services, completed a week-long intensive leadership program, from June 12 to 17.  The Leading Change Institute Program is described as engaging leaders who seek to further develop their skills for the benefit of higher education. More information on the application and selection process as well as the program can be found on the Leading Change Institute website.