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Faculty and Staff Activities

Timothy J. Baroni

Timothy J. Baroni, Biological Sciences Department, had three peer-reviewed papers published recently. The first, titled “Towards a better understanding of Tetrapyrgos (Basidiomycota, Agaricales: New species, type studies, and phylogenetic inferences)” was published in late 2015 in Phytotaxa. It was co-authored by Amy Honan and Dennis Desjardin of San Francisco State University, and Brian Perry, California State University East Bay. One of the new species came from Baroni’s National Science Foundation (NSF) funded biodiversity work in the Greater Antilles, from the island of Puerto Rico. Two more recent papers came out in mid 2016, one with co-authors Juan Luis Mata, University of South Alabama, Clark Ovrebo, University of Central Oklahoma, and Karen Hughes, University of Tennessee. “New Species of Neotropical Rhodocollybia” was published in Mycotaxon. The new species were discovered during Baroni’s NSF-funded work in the Dominican Republic. The article “Rhodocybe tugrulii (Agaricales, Entolomataceae), a New Species from Turkey and Estonia Based on Morphological and Molecular Data, and a New Combination in Clitocella (Entolomataceae)” was published in Phytotaxa. It was co-authored with Alfredo Vizzini, University of Turin, Italy, Ertugrul Sesli, Karadeniz Technical University, Turkey, Vladimír Antonín, Moravian Museum, Czech Republic, and Irja Saar, University of Tartu, Estonia. Baroni was invited to contribute to the research on this new taxon because of his numerous publications on Rhodocybe globally and because he was a co-author of the newly erected genus Clitocella, now being recognized by fungal systematists.

Debbie Warnock

Debbie Warnock, Sociology Department, presented two papers at the annual meetings of the American Sociological Association held in August in Seattle, Wa. One of her articles, “Inequalities at the Outset: Racial, Ethnic, and Socioeconomic Differences in Parents’ Perceptions of Paying for College,” was published in July in the Journal of College Student Development. Another of her articles, ““The Poor Kids’ Table”: Organizing around an Invisible and Stigmatized Identity in Flux,” was published in September in the Journal of Diversity in Higher Education.

Tiantian Zheng

Tiantian Zheng, Sociology/Anthropology, organized and chaired a panel titled “Gender and Health in Asia,” and presented her paper “Intimate Partner Violence in Postsocial China” at the panel, at the Annual Conference of New York Association of Asian Studies held Sept. 23-24 at Utica College.

Melissa Morris

Melissa Morris, Physics Department, recently was awarded 1.1 million core-hours on one of the supercomputing clusters at the Texas Advanced Computing Center. The value of these awarded resources is approximately $40,000. Also, Morris has been asked to become a member of the Science Organizing Committee for the international conference “Chondrules as Astrophysical Objects” to be held May 9-11, 2017, at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver. Also, Morris will give an invited talk at the conference. In addition, Morris presented an invited talk at Cornell University on Sept. 22.

Ben Lovett

Ben Lovett, Psychology Department, recently had his study, “Sluggish Cognitive Tempo and Speed of Performance,” published in the Journal of Attention Disorders. Lovett conducted the study in collaboration with researchers at Syracuse University.

John C. Hartsock

John C. Hartsock, Communication Studies Department, gave a panel presentation at the 11th annual conference of the International Association for Literary Journalism Studies, held at the Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio Grande do Sul, in Porto Alegre, Brazil. The presentation, “The Banal of the Ideal, the Affirmation of the Banal,” explored how Svetlana Alexievich, who received the Nobel Prize for Literature last year for her literary journalism, assaults the banality of secular mythologies in her reporting on the former Soviet Union.

David Kilpatrick

David Kilpatrick, Psychology Department, received a very favorable review of his book in the summer edition of the International Dyslexia Association periodical Perspectives on Language and Literacy. His book, Essentials of Assessing, Preventing, and Overcoming Reading Difficulties (Wiley & Sons, 2015) was published by Wiley & Sons in October 2015. The reviewer stated that the book “represents one of the most potent linkages between science and educational practice available to us now.” Also, Kilpatrick was an invited presenter for the Indiana Association of School Psychologists fall conference on Sept. 22. The presentation was titled “Recent Advances in Understanding Reading Difficulties: Assessment, Prevention, and Highly Successful Interventions.”

Mark Dodds

Mark Dodds, Sport Management Department, had his journal article “What can Bilfinger Teach Olympic Sponsors?” accepted for publication by Sports Management International Journal Choregia. It was co-authored by University of Missouri Assistant Professor Mario Palmero.

Evan Faulkenbury

Evan Faulkenbury, History Department, launched his podcast, “The So What? Question” – a podcast for historians to share what they do and why it matters. It can be heard on iTunes or in a web browser.

Brent Danega

Brent Danega, Human Resources Office, was named to the “40 under FORTY" class of 2016 by BizEvents and The Central New York Business Journal. He will be recognized at an event set for Wednesday, Nov. 16, at the Oncenter in Syracuse, N.Y.