Faculty and Staff Activities

Debbie Warnock

Debbie Warnock, Sociology/Anthropology Department, had her article “Paradise Lost? Patterns and Precarity in Working-Class Academic Narratives,” published in the inaugural issue of the Journal of Working-Class Studies in December.

Dennis Weng

Dennis Weng, Political Science Department, had his paper published in the Asian Journal of Comparative Politics in January. The article is titled “Can economic profit influence public opinion? Observing generational change on cross-strait relations in Taiwan.”

Larissa True

Larissa True, Kinesiology Department, recently had her article “Motor Competence and Characteristics within the Preschool Environment” published in the Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport.

Kim Stone

Kim Stone, English and Africana Studies departments, learned that her article, “‘Recordless Company’: Precarious Postmemory in Helen Oyeyemi’s The Icarus Girl will be published as a chapter in Madness in Black Women's Diasporic Fictions: Aesthetics of Resistance by Palgrave Macmillan in 2017.


John Suarez

John Suarez, Institute for Civic Engagement’s Office of Service-Learning, has been invited to co-present and co-facilitate a panel discussion at SUNY Plattsburgh’s “The Value of Community Engagement in Higher Education” set for Wednesday, March 1.


Mary McGuire and John Suarez

Mary McGuire, Institute for Civic Engagement, and John Suarez, Institute for Civic Engagement’s Office of Service-Learning, will be panelists on a discussion titled “The Campus Action Plan,” at the Eastern Regional Campus Compact Conference at New York University in March. They are partnering with colleagues from Robert Morris University, Buffalo State University and the University of Delaware.


Kathleen Lawrence

, Communication Studies Department, had a poem titled “King,” — elegizing blues great B.B. King — appear as an exemplary poem in the textbook Composing Poetry by Gerry LaFemina, published by Kendall Hunt, in November. In December, two haiku titled “The Oldies” and “The Uninvited” were published on two separate days by haikuniverse. In January, the poem “Just Rosie,” about the Jetsons' robot maid, appeared in the journal Eye to the Telescope. Also in January, Lawrence was chosen as Poet of the Week by the Poetry Super Highway website, publishing her poem “Holly Would.” In February, four poems —“Goddesses,” “Tree Swing,” “Space Travel” and “Scientifically Speaking”—were published by Altered Reality Magazine. Since March of last year, Lawrence has had 44 poems published or forthcoming.

Jordan Kobritz

Jordan Kobritz, Sport Management Department, recently was quoted in two publications: New York Family and Wallet Hub.


Moyi Jia

Moyi Jia, Communication Studies Department, had her research paper accepted for presentation at the67th Annual Convention of International Communication Association to be held May 25-29 in San Diego, Calif. Her paper is titled “Exploring the effect of teacher social support on students’ positive/negative emotions and learning engagement: A U.S.-Chinese classroom investigation.”


Tim Delaune

Tim Delaune, Political Science Department and pre-law adviser, had his article published in the Autumn 2016 edition of The Green Bag. “An Immodest Proposal” is recommending a rotating chief justiceship on the US Supreme Court and was part of the The Green Bag 2d’s microsymposium in response to criticisms of the federal judiciary by Judge Richard A. Posner.