Faculty and Staff Activities


Heather Bartlett, Laura Davies, Tim Emerson, Mario Hernandez, Jeff Jackson and Kevin Rutherford

Heather Bartlett, Laura Davies, Tim Emerson, Mario Hernandez, Jeff Jackson and Kevin Rutherford, all from the English Department Composition Program, presented together at the SUNY Council on Writing Conference on Sept. 9. Their panel was titled, “Making Changes: Revising a First-Year Writing Curriculum within a Teaching Community.”

Laura J. Davies

Laura J. Davies, English Department, had her chapter, “Getting to the Root of the Problem: Teaching Reading as a Process in the Sciences,” published in the edited collection What Is College-Level Reading, published by the University of Colorado Press.

David Kilpatrick

David Kilpatrick, Psychology Department, was quoted twice by Sir Jim Rose, who was the Chair of the U.K. Reading Panel, which reviewed the scientific literature on teaching reading and released the Rose Report (2006). His quotes were from David’s book Essentials of Assessing, Preventing, and Overcoming Reading Difficulties (Wiley, 2015) and written in The Teacher Magazine, a publication for teachers in Australia.

Kathleen A. Lawrence

Kathleen A. Lawrence, Communication Studies Department, has had a second poem, “I Am Puerto Rico,” accepted for publication in New Verse News. Her poem will appear on top of the page on Tuesday, Oct. 10. The poem speaks to the beauty, strength and indomitable spirit of the people of Puerto Rico and the richness of their culture despite the ravages of Hurricane Maria. 

Jaclyn Pittsley

Jaclyn Pittsley, English Department, is coordinator of the Campus Equity Week Rally planned for 3 p.m. on Friday, Oct. 27 in front of Brockway Hall. She serves on the executive board of SUNY Cortland’s chapter of United University Professions, the group that is hosting the event.

Robert Spitzer

Robert Spitzer, Political Science Department, is the author of two recent articles about the consequences of the Las Vegas mass shooting. His article, “America Used to be Good at Gun Control. What Happened?” was published on Oct. 3 by The New York Times.

His article, “An American standoff: How contemporary pro-gun orthodoxy is at odds with the Constitution and U.S. history,” was published Oct. 8 in the New York Daily News.

Jena Nicols Curtis

Jena Nicols Curtis, Health Department, presented sexual violence prevention education for the Department of the Navy’s Sexual Assault Prevention and Response “Engaging All Voices” training seminar held in June in Orlando, Fla.

Christopher D. Gascón

Christopher D. Gascón, Modern Languages Department, had an article about a recent off-Broadway production in Spanish published in the journal Bulletin of the Comediantes (issue 69.1, 2017). The article, titled “Virués’s Theater of the Grotesque: Interrogating La gran Semíramis from Roman Chronicle to the New York Stage,” analyzes elements of the grotesque in the 1579 text by Cristóbal de Virués and in Diego Chiri’s 2015 production of the play at Repertorio Español in New York City. Integrating the perspectives of Kristeva, Bakhtin, and Foucault, the study concludes that Chiri uses the grotesque to reconcile contradictory elements of the work, and that Virués participates in the processes of distortion and degradation that have typified the production of the Semiramis myth, itself grotesque, throughout the centuries.

Jim Hokanson, Erik Lind, Deborah Van Langen and Larissa True

Jim Hokanson, Erik Lind, Deborah Van Langen and Larissa True, Kinesiology Department, had their manuscript, “Run Economy on a Normal and Lower Body Positive Pressure Treadmill,” published in the International Journal of Exercise Science. The manuscript was co-authored by exercise science undergraduate student Corey Temple ’16 and exercise science student Saige Hupmann ’15 Exercise Science and ’17 MS Exercise Science. The research was conducted using the Kinesiology Department’s new Alter G treadmill.  

Kathleen A. Lawrence

Kathleen A. Lawrence, Communication Studies Department, had a poem, “Celluloid & Innocence Lost,” accepted for publication recently by The Wild Word Magazine in Berlin, Germany. Also, the Southeast Missouri State University Press will include her poem “Operating in a War Zone, Korea 1951,” about her dad, Capt. Robert Marshall Lawrence, MD, being a surgeon in a M.A.S.H. unit in the Korean War, in the anthology Proud to Be: Writing by American Warriors, due out in November 2017.