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Faculty and Staff Activities

Robert Spitzer

Robert Spitzer, Political Science Department, was elected to serve on the Executive Council of Pi Sigma Alpha, the national political science honors society, at the annual meeting of the American Political Science Association held Aug. 28-31 in Washington D.C. Spitzer will serve a four-year term on the society’s national governing board. Cortland has been a chapter member of Pi Sigma Alpha since 1970.

Michelle Cryan

Michelle Cryan, Publications and Electronic Media Office, developed a prototype for an app designed to teach sign language to pre-verbal children. She submitted the app project as the thesis for her master’s degree in Information Design and Technology at SUNYIT. The paper and a prototype of the app can be found at  Cryan wrote and illustrated a lift-the-flap sign language book that was published in 2007 by Gallaudet Press.

Alexandru Balas

Alexandru Balas, International Studies Program and Clark Center for International Education, recently had his book, Peace Operations, published by Polity Press. The book, in its 2nd edition, is co-authored with Paul F. Diehl.

The book, detailed and available online at, accomplishes the following: 

  • Traces the historical development of peace operations from their origins in the early 20th century through the development of modern peace building missions and multiple simultaneous peace operations.
  • Tracks changes over time in the size, mission and organization of peace operations.
  • Analyses different organizational, financial, and troop provisions for peace operations, as well as assessing alternatives.
  • Lays out criteria for evaluating peace operations and details the conditions under which such operations are successful.

Jerome O’Callaghan

Jerome O’Callaghan, School of Arts and Sciences, co-authored with Paula O’Callaghan, University of Maryland, a paper on the free speech aspect of using Facebook in the context of public employment. The paper, titled “Facebook’s ‘Like’ – The First Amendment and Free Speech in the Workplace,” was published this summer in volume 15 of the ALSB Journal of Employment and Labor Law.

Robert Spitzer

Robert Spitzer, Political Science Department, has been informed that his new book, Guns Across America: Reconciling Gun Rules and Rights, has been accepted for publication by Oxford University Press. The book argues that the contemporary debate pitting gun rights against gun regulations is based on a misunderstanding of America’s gun past. While gun possession is as old as the country, so are gun laws, and throughout most of our history, the two have gone hand in hand. Drawing on a vast new dataset of early gun laws, the book shows that gun regulations in America’s early history were, if anything, more strict than they are now. In addition, the book examines the Second Amendment and the assault weapons controversy, “stand-your-ground” laws, and New York state’s recent strict new laws. The narrative also includes the author’s effort to obtain a pistol permit. The book is scheduled for publication by Oxford in March 2015. Spitzer is the author of four other books on gun policy.   

Mechthild Nagel

Mechthild Nagel, Philosophy Department and the Center for Gender and Intercultural Studies (CGIS), is on leave for the academic year. In July she started her visiting scholar position at Cornell University’s Feminist, Gender, Sexuality Studies Program, where she will write a monograph on Ubuntu ethics of punishment. She will remain a scholar-in-residence until December.

In January 2015, she will commence her scholar-in-residence at the Max Planck Institute for Religious and Ethnic Diversity in Goettingen, Germany, through July 2015.

Kathryn Kramer

Kathryn Kramer, Art and Art History Department, will have her article “Flanerie’s Art and Measure of the Urbanizing Global” published in the December issue of the journal Visual Resources.

Wanda Kent

Wanda Kent, Communication Disorders and Sciences Department, presented the poster “Prediction of Reading Comprehension by Various Measures of Listening Comprehension,” at the British Dyslexia Association International Conference on March 28 in Guildford, England. Also, she presented the poster “Intonation and Reading Comprehension Skills in Fourth-Grade Students,” at the Society for Scientific Studies in Reading annual conference on July 18 in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Heather L. Balog, Ph.D. was the second author of both posters.

Brian Barrett

Brian Barrett, Foundations and Social Advocacy Department, recently had his review of The Politics of Knowledge in Education published in Educational Studies . Additionally, in July he presented his paper titled “Bernstein in the Urban Classroom” at the Eighth International Basil Bernstein Symposium in Nagoya, Japan. During the symposium’s opening session he led a tribute, along with Parlo Singh, Griffith University, Australia, and William Tyler, Charles Darwin University, Australia, to his friend, mentor and intellectual collaborator, Rob Moore, late senior lecturer of sociology of education at the University of Cambridge, U.K.  

Alexander G. Gonzalez

Alexander G. Gonzalez, English Department, had his scholarly article, “Eavan Boland’s ‘The Glass King’ and R.G.Collingwood’s Theory of Art,” published in South Atlantic Review after many delays.