Faculty and Staff Activities


Kathleen A. Lawrence

Kathleen A. Lawrence, Communication and Media Studies Department, received word that her poem “Any Boy” has been accepted for publication by Green Linden Press in the forthcoming issue of Under a Warm Green Linden, Issue 8. The poem follows a challenging but favorite form for Lawrence, known as a spiraling abecedarian. 

Joshua Peluso, Chris Cubells, Eli Simon and Matt Mccarthy

Joshua Peluso, Chris Cubells, Eli Simon and Matt Mccarthy, all from Systems Administration and Web Services, presented on DevOPs at the SUNY Technology Conference on June 19 in Lake Placid, N.Y.  The session, titled “DevOps Stack: Systems Engineers and Software Engineers Living Together,” explored concepts of leadership, teamwork and technologists working together in a cohesive, empathetic and productive environment.

Dakin Burdick

Dakin Burdick, director of the Institute for College Teaching, presented “Fleeting Glances: Using brief encounters with disciplinary specializations to enrich and diversify competency-based introductory classes” at the Conference on Instruction and Technology (CIT) on May 31 at Purchase College. Also, he presented on “Active Learning Activities that Minimize Student Anxiety” at the New England Faculty Development Consortium (NEFDC) conference on June 6 at Landmark College in Putney, Vt.  Finally, he was interviewed on “Small-Group Discussions” for SUNY Oswego’s “Tea for Teaching” podcast, available at http://teaforteaching.com/85-small-group-discussions/

Lauren Stern and Maaike Oldemans and Szilvia Kadas

Lauren Stern and Maaike Oldemans, Library, and Szilvia Kadas, Art and Art History Department, presented “Win-Win: Students Solving Problems” at the State University of New York Librarian Association’s annual conference, SUNYLA 2019, held June 13 in Syracuse, N.Y.

Lindsey Darvin

Lindsey Darvin, Sport Management Department, presented her research on the leaking pipeline of women sport leaders at the North American Society for Sport Management (NASSM) held in early June in New Orleans, La.

Kathleen A. Lawrence

Kathleen A. Lawrence, Communication and Media Studies Department, recently received word that her poem “Waiting, Still” has been published in the June issue of Pif Magazine. Pif Magazine is the oldest, continuously published literary magazine online.


Thomas Hischak

Thomas Hischak, professor of theatre emeritus, has had his book 1927: A Day by Day Chronicle of the Jazz Age’s Greatest Year published by Rowman and Littlefield.  

Jenifer Phelan and Daniel Harms

Jenifer Phelan and Daniel Harms, library, presented “First Blood: Using Games to Teach Authority as Constructed and Contextual to Freshmen” on June 13 at the 2019 State University of New York Librarian Association (SUNYLA) Conference held at Onondaga Community College. Their presentation explored the Association of College and Research Libraries’ Information Literacy Framework’s threshold concept “Authority is Constructed and Contextual.”

Brian Barrett

Brian Barrett, Foundations and Social Advocacy Department, served as a guest editor for the most recent issue of The Curriculum Journal. He contributed two articles to the issue: “After the Knowledge Turn? Politics and Pedagogy,” with co-authors Ursula Hoadley, Alka Sehgal Cuthbert and John Morgan, and “An Engaging Pedagogy for an Academic Curriculum,” with Elizabeth Rata and Graham McPhail.

Eric Edlund

Eric Edlund, Physics Department, and colleagues from Princeton University, were awarded a patent — number is 10,300,410 — for a new concept for a liquid centrifuge. Edlund conducted his postdoctoral studies at the Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory, a U.S. Department of Energy laboratory managed by Princeton University, where he examined issues of angular momentum transport in relation to the evolution of black holes. During this work, he constructed a new experimental device and established the measurements that became the basis of this patent.