Faculty and Staff Activities

Maria Timberlake

Maria Timberlake, Foundations and Social Advocacy Department, received the Daring to Dream Award in Social Change from the Center for Community Inclusion at the University of Maine. She was recognized on June 18 for vision and leadership that promotes social change to advance the rights of people with disabilities.


John Suarez

John Suarez, Institute for Civic Engagement and service-learning coordinator, had his presentation proposal titled “‘Hire’ Education, Public Purpose, and Student Employers,” accepted for the national Campus Compact’s 30th Anniversary Conference. Mary McGuire, Institute for Civic Engagement director, and Crissana Christie, service-learning intern, are co-presenters. Christie will provoke participants’ explorations of radical designs for higher education through her defense of her “Claimed-Learning Statement” in front of her degree-team, the session’s participants, by describing her learning during the years 2021-2024. 

Tadayuki Suzuki

Tadayuki Suzuki, Literacy Department, had his article, “Realities of War: Using Picture Books to Teach the Social Effects of Armed Conflicts,” published in the Multicultural Education Magazine in August. He coauthored this article with Barbara Fiehn, Jeanine Huss, and Roxanne Spencer at Western Kentucky University. 

Karen Downey

Karen Downey, Chemistry Department, and Joshua Eller ’14, had their article titled “Computational assessment of electron density in metallo-organic nickel pincer complexes for formation of P-C bonds” published in volume 36, issue 26 of the Journal of Computational Chemistry. The article reports on research they conducted during Eller’s senior year. Current senior Matt Ellis ’16 is advancing the work further, under the advisement of Downey.

Janet Duncan

Janet Duncan, Foundations and Social Advocacy Department, has been invited by Disability Rights International to provide technical assistance in community living and assessing family needs in Tblisi, Ga., in October. This work is part of a long-term project with a Georgian NGO, Partners for Equal Rights, and supports its efforts to return children with disabilities to their home communities and to close institutions for children. Duncan will present to Georgian government policy officials about supporting families with children who have disabilities. Disability Rights International is an award-winning human rights organization based in Washington, D.C. Recently a documentary about children with disabilities living in deplorable conditions in Georgia was aired on the PBS program, “The Visionaries.”

Theresa Curtis

Theresa Curtis, Biological Sciences Department, and Eric Plante ’15, are coauthors on the manuscript “Microencapsulated equine mesenchymal stromal cells promote cutaneous wound healing in vitro” that recently was published in Stem Cell Research & Therapy. The results demonstrate that stem cells might be a promising new therapy for impaired skin wounds, and encapsulation of the stem cells is a suitable way to deliver a continuous supply of the healing factors to the wound. This research was performed in collaboration with researchers from the Baker Institute for Animal Health, College of Veterinary Medicine at Cornell University.

Diane Craft

Diane Craft, Physical Education Department, was appointed in May as a full-time consultant for the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as the subject matter expert in physical activity in early care and education. In this role she assists the CDC and states’ departments of public health in promoting the physical activity of young children. Her IPA appointment continues on a part-time basis throughout the 2015-16 academic year.

Anna Curtis

Anna Curtis, Sociology/Anthropology Department, presented a paper titled “Little Me versus My Princess: Prisoners’ Gendered Expectations for Fathering” at the 2015 annual meeting of the Society for the Study of Social Problems held Aug. 21-23 in Chicago.

Alexandru Balas

Alexandru Balas, Clark Center for International Education, was chosen to volunteer as a mentor for the Institute for International Education’s program to Myanmar “Connecting with the World: International Relations for Higher Education Institutions.” For 20 weeks Balas will mentor higher-education professionals working on internationalization at universities in Myanmar and Ministry of Education officials from Myanmar.

Philip J. Buckenmeyer, Jeffery A. Bauer, James F. Hokanson and Joy L. Hendrick

Philip J. Buckenmeyer, Jeffery A. Bauer, James F. Hokanson and Joy L. Hendrick, Kinesiology Department, received notice that their article “Cognitive influence of a 5-hour ENERGY® Shot; Are Effects Perceived or Real?” will be published in Physiology & Behavior. In the study, the 5-hour Energy Shot® did not significantly improve short- or long-term cognitive function for selected computer-based tasks despite a high level of perception that it was working effectively compared to a placebo with college-aged participants.