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Faculty and Staff Activities

Evan Faulkenbury

Evan Faulkenbury, History Department, launched his podcast, “The So What? Question” – a podcast for historians to share what they do and why it matters. It can be heard on iTunes or in a web browser.

Mark Dodds

Mark Dodds, Sport Management Department, had his journal article “What can Bilfinger Teach Olympic Sponsors?” accepted for publication by Sports Management International Journal Choregia. It was co-authored by University of Missouri Assistant Professor Mario Palmero.

Brent Danega

Brent Danega, Human Resources Office, was named to the “40 under FORTY" class of 2016 by BizEvents and The Central New York Business Journal. He will be recognized at an event set for Wednesday, Nov. 16, at the Oncenter in Syracuse, N.Y.

Theresa Curtis

Theresa Curtis, Biological Sciences Department, recently had two papers accepted for publication. “Equine Mesenchymal Stromal Cells from Different Sources Efficiently Differentiate into Hepatocyte-Like Cells” will appear in the journal Tissue Eng Part C Methods and “A Comparative Study on the In Vitro Effects of the DNA Methyltransferase Inhibitor 5-Azacytidine (5-AzaC) in Breast/Mammary Cancer of Different Mammalian Species” was accepted by the journal J Mammary Gland Biol Neoplasia. The co-authored articles report on collaborative research that Curtis performed during her 2014-15 sabbatical at Cornell University in Gerlinde Van de Walle’s lab.   

Timothy J. Baroni

Timothy J. Baroni, Biological Sciences Department, was invited to lecture and help with mushroom identifications at the Northeast Mycological Foray (NEMF) held in July at Fitchburg State University in Massachusetts. The annual NEMF meeting drew 250 participants. Baroni’s talk, “Mushrooms with “Pink” Colored Spore Deposits Found in the Northeast,” addressed the diversity and taxonomy of pink-spored mushrooms. Also, Baroni was invited to present the keynote lecture at the 2016 Bill Russell Foray in August, held by the Central Pennsylvania Mycological Club at the Sieg Research Center at Lock Haven University (Pa). He presented “Exploring for Biodiversity of Neotropical Macrofungi: A Glimpse into the Adventures of a Mycologist” to the 50 participants, which included biologists from nearby Pennsylvania State University.

Seth Asumah and Mechthild Nagel

Seth Asumah, Political Science and Africana Studies departments, and Mechthild Nagel, Philosophy and Africana Studies departments and the Center for Gender and Intercultural Studies, presented a workshop at the Commission on Access, Diversity and Excellence (CADE) Conference of Association of Public and Land-grant Universities held July 28 in New York, N.Y. The workshop was titled “Diversity Leadership, Inclusive Excellence and the Emerging Roles of Chief Diversity Officers and Faculty.” Ibipo Johnston-Anumonwo, Geography and Africana Studies departments, chaired the session.

Robert Spitzer

Robert Spitzer, Political Science Department, served as a discussant on a panel titled, “Presidents, the Courts, and the Law” at the recent annual meeting of the American Political Science Association, held in Philadelphia from Sept. 1 to 4. Also, he attended the executive council meeting of Pi Sigma Alpha, the national political science honors society, on which he is serving a four-year term.

Dennis L.C. Weng

Dennis L.C. Weng, Political Science Department, co-authored a paper, “Personality Traits and Voter Turnout in South Korea: The Mediation Argument,” that was accepted for publication in early 2017 in the Japanese Journal of Political Science. Also, Weng was an invited discussant and presented his paper titled, “Personality Traits and Individual Feeling of National Pride in South Korea,” at the American Political Science Association annual meeting in Philadelphia from Sept. 1 to 4. Also, Weng has received $2,500 from The Taiwan and Asia Program at Wake Forest University to host a guest speaker event this semester.

Claus Schubert

Claus Schubert, Mathematics Department, recently was informed that his paper, “Intersections of Maximal Subspaces of Zeros of Two Quadratic Forms,” was accepted for publication in the journal Annals of Combinatorics. This is a joint paper with David Leep, University of Kentucky, and is based on research they performed while Schubert visited the University Kentucky in the fall of 2015, during his sabbatical.

Carrie E. Rood

Carrie E. Rood, Foundations and Social Advocacy, recently co-authored an article titled "Promoting Access Through Segregation: The Emergence of the “Prioritized Curriculum” Class” that was published in Teachers College Record, Volume 118, Issue 14.