Faculty and Staff Activities

Kathleen A. Lawrence

Kathleen A. Lawrence, Communication Studies Department, had a poem, “Always Blue Cops,” accepted for publication recently by Rosebud Magazine. It is an abecedarian told in three parts that can be read together as well as stand each on its own. Each of the parts is made up 26 words in alphabetical order, like the title, made up of 3 words starting with a, b and c. 

Melissa Morris

Melissa Morris, Physics Department, and collaborators, had their work featured in the headline article in the October issue of Planetary Science Research Discoveries. “Accretional Layers Preserved in a Meteorite” details their research on how the visible sequence of layers in the Isheyevo meteorite tells a story of impact debris deposited, layer by layer, onto the surface of the surviving planetesimal. Also, Morris and collaborators, including SUNY Cortland senior Matt Metcalf, submitted a paper to The Astrophysical Journal Letters, titled “Thermal History of CBb Chondrules and Cooling Rate Distributions of Ejecta Plumes.”

Ryan Vooris

Ryan Vooris, Sport Management Department, had his article “Development of a Sport Twitter Utilization Scale” published in the Journal of Contemporary Athletics.

Kristine Newhall

Kristine Newhall, Kinesiology Department, coauthored an article titled “‘Stick to Soccer’: Fan Reaction and Inclusion Rhetoric on Social Media” published in Sport in Society. Along with being published online, it will be in the forthcoming special issue on Women’s Soccer in the U.S., to be released in print in 2018.

Rhiannon M. Maton

Rhiannon M. Maton, Foundations and Social Advocacy Department, had two chapters published in an edited volume on alternative schooling and student engagement. 

Doug Langhans

Doug Langhans, Admissions Office, recently attended the European Association for International Education (EAIE) 2017 Conference in Seville, Spain. He represented Study New York, a consortium of SUNY, CUNY and private institutions formed to promote New York as a destination for international students. Langhans, Study New York chair-elect, exhibited at the conference in conjunction with EducationUSA. He met with a variety of international education colleagues to discuss the advantages of studying in New York.

Carol Van Der Karr, Susan Wilson, Andrea Dávalos, Michael Hough and Tim Baroni

Carol Van Der Karr, Academic Affairs, Susan Wilson, Parks, Recreation and Leisure Studies Department, and Andrea Dávalos, Michael Hough and Tim Baroni, all from the Biological Sciences Department, volunteered at the 24-hour community BioBlitz Sept. 8 and 9 held at the Cayuga Nature Center in Ithaca, NY. The event was sponsored by Cornell University’s School of Integrative Plant Sciences (SIPS) and the Cayuga Nature Center and the censing work was done at the both the center and The Smith Wood Preserve in Trumansburg, a patch of old growth forest near Taughannock State Park that has recently yielded newly discovered species for the Cayuga Lake Basin. A BioBlitz is the cataloging of all life forms, from mammals to bacteria, that can be found in a defined area over a 24-hour time span. It is meant to serve as a baseline snap shot of biodiversity for the area. The first ever BioBlitz was held in 1996 at Kenilworth Park and Aquatic Gardens in Washington, D.C. Such events are now common across the US and can cover small or large areas, such as national parks, and the time frames can be extended to a year or more. Van Der Karr and Wilson helped with the census for mollusks (snails and slugs) and annelids (worms). Dávalos assisted with identification of non-native annelids, Hough helped with identification of plants and Baroni with collecting and identification of fleshy fungi (mushroom and relatives). The BioBlitz started at 5 p.m. Friday at the Cayuga Nature Center and included talks and demonstrations that evening until 9 p.m. on snails, slugs, bats, spiders, moths and other nighttime insects. Saturday’s events began at 10 a.m. and included talks, walks and demonstrations on plants, fungi, microbiology, bees, large wild animal back yard feeding and birds. In addition, some of the selected organisms collected by the survey teams and brought to the nature center for identification were placed on display, along with field guides and literature on identification of organisms in nature. The event drew nature enthusiasts from as far away as Rochester, N.Y., and resulted in an overflow parking capacity at the center on Saturday.    

Heather Bartlett, Laura Davies, Tim Emerson, Mario Hernandez, Jeff Jackson and Kevin Rutherford

Heather Bartlett, Laura Davies, Tim Emerson, Mario Hernandez, Jeff Jackson and Kevin Rutherford, all from the English Department Composition Program, presented together at the SUNY Council on Writing Conference on Sept. 9. Their panel was titled, “Making Changes: Revising a First-Year Writing Curriculum within a Teaching Community.”

Laura J. Davies

Laura J. Davies, English Department, had her chapter, “Getting to the Root of the Problem: Teaching Reading as a Process in the Sciences,” published in the edited collection What Is College-Level Reading, published by the University of Colorado Press.

David Kilpatrick

David Kilpatrick, Psychology Department, was quoted twice by Sir Jim Rose, who was the Chair of the U.K. Reading Panel, which reviewed the scientific literature on teaching reading and released the Rose Report (2006). His quotes were from David’s book Essentials of Assessing, Preventing, and Overcoming Reading Difficulties (Wiley, 2015) and written in The Teacher Magazine, a publication for teachers in Australia.