Faculty and Staff Activities

Carolyn Bershad

Carolyn Bershad, Counseling and Student Development, has been invited to join the Survey Team for the Association for University and College Counseling Center Directors (AUCCCD). AUCCCD promotes the awareness of student mental health and development issues in higher education through research, advocacy, education and training provided to members, professional organizations and the public. In 2006, AUCCCD instituted the Annual Survey as a means to increase objective understanding of factors critical to the functioning of college and university counseling centers. The survey is published online annually and serves as a resource for directors as well as others interested in college mental health and development.

Brian Barrett and Anne Burns Thomas

Brian Barrett, Foundations and Social Advocacy, served as a co-organizer of the Third International Social Realism Symposium hosted at Jesus College, University of Cambridge, from June 29 to July 1. The symposium attracted a record number of researchers and teachers to address educational questions by drawing significantly on social realism, which explores the social conditions of knowledge production and exchange as well as its structuring in the curriculum.

Barrett and Anne Burns Thomas, Foundations and Social Advocacy Department, presented their paper titled “Flipping the Script: Exploring the Impact of Curriculum Modules on Access to Knowledge and Teacher Professionalism,” which also was co-authored by Maria Timberlake, Foundations and Social Advocacy, at the conference in Cambridge.

Michael Bersani, Stephen Cunningham, Ron Hulslander and Christopher Tucker

Michael Bersani, Public Relations Office; Stephen Cunningham, Institutional Research and Analysis Office; Ron Hulslander, Facilities Operations and Services; and Christopher Tucker, Purchasing Office, make up the SUNY Cortland J.P. Morgan Chase Corporate Challenge team that will compete at the series’ international championship race in San Francisco on Wednesday, Sept. 9. The College’s four-person men’s team finished with the fastest total time at the 3.5-mile Syracuse race in June 2014.

Robert Spitzer

Robert Spitzer, Political Science Department, is the author of the recently published sixth edition of his book, The Politics of Gun Control. First published 20 years ago, the book has become the standard source for information on the historical and modern gun debate. The new edition, published by Paradigm, has expanded treatment of subjects including the spread of the concealed handgun carry movement on college campuses, the political effects of the 2012 Sandy Hook elementary school shooting, stand your ground self-defense laws and recent studies on the causes and consequences of gun violence.

Mechthild Nagel

Mechthild Nagel, Center for Gender and Intercultural Studies (CGIS), Philosophy and Africana Studies departments, had her article, “Trafficking with Abolitionism: An Examination of Anti-Slavery Discourses,” published in the journal Champ Pénal/Penal Field’s special issue on “Abolitionnisme /Abolitionism.”

Thomas Hischak

Thomas Hischak, Performing Arts Department, has signed with Rowman and Littlefield to write a second edition of his textbook Theatre as Human Action.

Melissa Morris

Melissa Morris, Physics Department, presented a talk titled “Chondrule Formation from Ejecta Melts with Adaptive Mesh Refinement” at the 78th Annual Meeting of the Meteoritical Society, held July 27-31 in Berkeley, Calif.

Pete Ducey

Pete Ducey, Biological Sciences Department, is a coauthor on the manuscript “Is there more than one way to skin a newt? Convergent toxin resistance in snakes is not due to a common genetic mechanism” that has been accepted for publication in Heredity. The paper documents the genetic underpinnings of a novel strategy that evolved in a predator allowing for consumption of highly toxic prey. The research team, led by Chris Feldman of University of Nevada, includes researchers from seven universities and government agencies. The project’s findings add a new component to one of the most thoroughly studied evolutionary arms races in nature, that between newts with potent skin toxins and their snake predators.

Also, Ducey was recently appointed to the Board of Editors for the journal The Northeastern Naturalist.

Timothy J. Baroni

Timothy J. Baroni, Biological Sciences Department, was one of seven invited instructors who presented a three-day course on Basidiomycete Identification — mushrooms and related fungi — in Medellin, Colombia. The course was held directly before the 8th Congreso Latinoamericano de Micologia (Latin American Congress of Mycology) held Nov. 4-7. The instructors, who were from Argentina, Costa Rica, Norway, Mexico and the U.S., taught 24 students from South, Central and North America, including the U.S., Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Venezuela. Baroni also was an invited speaker in the session on Systematics and Diversity of Basidiomycota, giving an oral presentation on “Arthromyces and Blastosporella (Lyophyllaceae) Revisited – a New Symbiosis with a Secretive/Shy Insect” with co-authors from Colombia, Brazil and Switzerland. He was co-author/presenter on two posters, resulting from collaborations with colleagues from Mexico and SUNY ESF. The first, titled “A new Species of Laccaria from the Montane Cloud Forest of Eastern Mexico,” and a second poster from collaborations with colleagues from the U.S., Colombia and Puerto Rico, titled “Sarcodon in the Neotropics: New Species from Belize, Colombia, Guyana and Puerto Rico.” The information presented in these oral and poster presentations was made possible by grants from the National Science Foundation, the National Geographic Society, the British Mycological Society and the SUNY Cortland Faculty Research Program over a 10-year period of field expeditions. 

College Names Leadership in Civic Engagement Honorees

Twenty-five SUNY Cortland students, three community members, five faculty members and 35 AmeriCorps members were recognized on April 19 with the College’s Leadership in Civic Engagement Awards.

The awards recognize exemplary service in support of community agencies, social change and civic engagement by SUNY Cortland students, alumni, faculty, staff and community members.

The recipients of seven civic engagement scholarships were awarded to Jessica Andrianos, Julie Gorman, Megan Flynn, Lynne Harris, Kristen Martin, Kara Silverman and Scott Stampfl.

The SUNY Cortland Emergency Medical Services received the Don Wilcox Award and Andrianos was recognized with the Cortland Area Chapter of the Alumni Association’s Community Service Award.

Award winners were selected by the Leadership in Civic Engagement Awards Committee, whose members are from campus departments and offices involved in opportunities for service activities with local, regional and national organizations, including the Institute for Civic Engagement and the Career Services Office. Also seated on the committee are a student, a community agency supervisor and an AmeriCorps member.

Student recipients were involved with a wide variety of activities, including leadership roles in the SUNY Cortland Relay for Life, tutoring and mentoring programs, reduction of bullying, economic development, literacy, health and wellness programming, hunger awareness, environmental protection and disaster relief. The vast majority of activity supports Cortland County residents, the public school system and numerous human service organizations.

Student recipients were:

Jessica Andrianos

Allison Best

Samantha Califano

Jasmine Chandoo

Megan Flynn

Austin Glickman

Julie Gorman

Matthew Green

Jennifer Hale

Lynne Harris

Matthew Hayes

Ashley Hunter

Brianna Kezner

Francesca Lansburg

Kristen Martin

Jamie Piperato

Violeta Rivera

Becky Schwartzman

Alycia Sciascia

Ashley Seeger

Kara Silverman

Scott Stampfl

Corinne Valenti

Claire Wickersham

Megan Wise



Marie Agen

Vicki Johnson

Noelle Chaddock Paley

Ute Ritz-Deutch

Lori Schlicht


Community Partners

Aaron Baier

Kim Mullins

Mary Jane Uttech


Student Groups

Etta Sigma Gamma Health Honorary

SUNY Cortland Emergency Medical Services


SUNY Cortland’s AmeriCorps Members for 2011-12

Joyce Allen

Alex Aloi

Pierre Barosy

Jason Benza

Paloma Bido

Kathleen Burns

Rebekah Caforio

Adam Campbell

Jermaine Campbell

James Cantatore

Joanna Cimini

Christina DeCorse

Karli DeGraw

Alexis Fairbanks

Lori Forshee

Janeille Frazenburg

Nicholas Gaynor

Cassidy Harahan

Michelle McGovern

Deanna Moore

Chelsea Murray

Rayne Perry

Nicole Petit

Jordan Ramos

Sarah Redfield

Ilianatacha Rosa

Amy Riotto

Theresa Ruswick

Matthew Santorufo

Kat Stevens

Caitlin Sullivan

Sara Watrous

Jenna Wegzyn

MaryJane Wood

Samuel VanBuskirk