SUNY Urban Teacher Education Center (SUTEC)

SUNY Urban Teacher Education Center (SUTEC) is committed to serving the needs of SUNY Campuses with teacher preparation programs, assisting those students who wish to fulfill their student teaching requirements in New York City schools, and serving as a vital resource for research on urban education.

Please see SUTEC for additional information. 

NYC Student Teaching Calendar: Fall 2015 - SUTEC

August 31, 2015: Parkchester move-in (if applicable)
September 2, 2015: Parkchester orientation (if applicable)

September 3, 2015: General NYC Orientation - SUNY Global Center 

Sept. 8 (Tuesday)
First-Quarter Student Teaching Begins

Oct. 23 (Friday)
First-Quarter Student Teaching Ends

Oct. 26 (Monday)
Second-Quarter Student Teaching Begins

Dec. 18 (Friday)
Second-Quarter Student Teaching Ends