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Vice President

Erin Durgin

Erin Durgin is a senior from Binghamton, NY. Becoming a senator as a freshman taught her responsibility as well as leadership skills because instead of staying in her room watching cable (although very appealing to her because she grew up with only 10 channels), she chose attending the senate meetings. After being a senator for a year she applied for an Executive Board position. She received the job as the Vice Treasurer. She not only improved her math skills but her budgeting skills as well. After the first semester of her sophomore year, she switched into the Executive Assistant to the Vice President position in order to learn the duties so that one day she could run for that position. This will be her second year as the Vice President.

She has served on the search committee to find a new Dean of Education, participated in The Multi-Cultural retreat, and the annual Holiday Party. She is a member of gospel choir and on the Undergraduate Commencement Committee. She has received the Women Leader award in 2012 and 2013 by Women of Color, remains on the Dean’s List, and won an Outstanding Student Leader Award at the Leadership Banquet in 2013. Her future plans are still unknown upon graduation in the Spring of 2014, but she knows that her experiences in the Student Government Association are going to greatly help her when searching for a career.