Public Relations

Sidnei Afari

Sidnei is a senior at SUNY Cortland with a major in New Media Communications and a minor in Management and lives in Queens, NY. She has served as a SGA representative and secretary for 20CSTV, and is also an active member to BSU, WOC, and CSA. She is also enrolled in the Education Opportunities Program here at Cortland of which she serves on the Executive Board as Vice President and class representative. Sidnei has been a Resident Assistant in Fitzgerald Hall for three years now. She likes to keep herself busy with all of the activities she has and still manages to keep a good GPA because she was inducted into the National EOP Honors Society Chi Alpha Epsilon. Look out for upcoming events like Winter Formal and Children’s Festival, they are sure to be a blast.

“I’m just a regular college student that strives to do extraordinary things, which is the reason that I try to join as many things as possible and then push myself in all things I do.  I love being around people and being involved on campus because getting to know people and sharing love and experiences with others is something that I hold near and dear to my heart because you can change someone’s life just by lending them a shoulder or an ear to talk to. Positive energy is what I like to feed off so anything negative would have to go elsewhere. I pride myself on being very approachable so if ever you need something let me know, I’m always willing to help.  Sidnei’s favorite quote is: Stay beautiful!”  She believe that is encourages people to have an awesome day and stay the wonderful being they already are”.