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Public Relations

Khalia Brown

Khalia Brown is from Brooklyn, NY, majoring in Communication Studies.  She has served as secretary and treasurer of the Gospel Choir, as president of the Black Student Union, was a student representative for the EOP executive board, participated in the Judson H. Taylor Leadership House program, is a member of SUNY Cortland's A Capella, served as a tour guide for Admission, an Orientation Assistant for Advisement and Transition, and currently is a Resident Assistant in Alger Hall .  She has also been heard and seen performing in the musical, "Violet" as well as singing engagements such as Commencement and Academic Convocation. Lastly, Khalia has also traveled twice to study abroad at the University of Ghana in West Africa alongside Dr. Seth N.  Asumah, which was in fact a life changing and humbling experience.

What does she say about herself?  "I would say that I take much pride in who I am as an individual.  I love to have joy and smile as well as bring joy to peoples' lives.  I do my best to use the light and warm heart that God has given me in order to encourage those around me in the most effective manner.  I give all the credit of who I am to God who has brought me this far and will continue to take me higher.  I love to laugh as well as provide positive energy to any given situation."