The Campaign for Raquette Lake

Watch the inspiring video of our Outdoor Education Center at Raquette Lake.

Antlers and Huntington Memorial Camp have transformed the college experience for generations of SUNY Cortland students by providing a pristine, wilderness setting for learning to take place.

As new owners of the Antlers property, the Cortland College Foundation seeks gifts to create a $1.5 million Raquette Lake Endowment Fund so that all students can experience the Outdoor Education Center at Raquette Lake through a dedicated program fund.

The fund will subsidize travel, lodging and food costs, inspire new program development, and increase participation by a diversity of students.

Alongside this initiative, SUNY Cortland will significantly improve the Antlers facility by pledging $1 million for future upgrades to the infrastructure and expand the operation to three seasons.

Please join us with your gift today and help us sustain the important tradition of incorporating outdoor and environmental experiences in the lives of our students and alumni.

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A Rewarding History

Since 1948, Cortland has been championing these pursuits and more at the Outdoor Education Center at Raquette Lake:

  • Fostering a greater awareness and respect for the natural world
  • Igniting passion for the outdoors
  • Promoting and encouraging advocacy for the wilderness as well as outdoor and environmental education
  • Creating a lifelong commitment to health and wellness

Alumni at Raquette Lake

Alumni benefits at Raquette Lake

Check out the special programs for Alumni at Raquette Lake.

Raquette Lake Giving Societies

Durant Wilderness Explorers*
Metcalf Expedition Leaders*
Fuge '49 Field Guides*
Adirondack Trail Blazers*
Cortland Society at Raquette Lake

*Payable over five years and permanent recognition at the Outdoor Education Center at Raquette Lake.