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Camp Marion

Lean-tos, Reservations on-going

Two lean-tos or open camps are available to SUNY Cortland alumni, faculty/staff, guests, and students by reservation. The lean-tos are accessible by water/ice only and are approximately a two mile paddle/hike from Antlers. Canoes may be rented from Antlers for $15 per day with prior notice. There is no fee associated with the reservation and use of the Camp Marion lean-tos, however, they must be reserved to ensure the lean-to you are hoping to use is available.

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Kirby Camp 2018

How does a week in a rustic cabin along the shores or Raquette Lake sound? The cabin, with no electricity and a fully functioning propane-run kitchen, sleep up to 8. It is the prefect spot to unplug and replenish your energy.

**The 2018 Season is sold out. The next opportunity to secure your stay at Kirby Camp will start in January 2019.

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Alumni Camp 2018

An opportunity for alumni and their families to connect and spend quality time together. A variety of options are available throughout the summer  months. Whether you are into campfires, hiking, kayaking, paddle boarding, relaxing or star gazing, we have the vacation you have been looking for. 

   Aug. 2-5
   Aug. 25-31
   Aug. 25-28
   Aug. 28-31
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Durant Days Tour, Aug. 3

All aboard! Climb aboard the WW Durant and enjoy a day on Raquette Lake. Begin with a short trip to St. Williams on Long Point where you will learn about the history of the church and see its magnificent restored beauty. After a half mile hike through a woodland trail you will discover Camp Pine Knot, the first Adirondack Great Camp. You will be lead on a guided historical tour of the buildings and grounds followed by a special treat. Bob Milne, a living national treasure --as quoted by the Library of Congress, will play a boogie woogie ragtime concert for us. After the concert, you will board the WW Durant for a luncheon cruise around Raquette Lake. A day well spent. To reserve your slot for this unique opportunity, contact Raquette Lake Navigation at 315-354-5532.

Hearts of Gold, Sept. 14-16, 2018

A reunion for Recreation, Parks and Leisure Studies alumni and current students. The weekend creates opportunities for networking and relaxation. It is fun for all!   

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Watercolor Workshop, Sept. 16-21, 2018

Join other watercolor enthusiasts in the Adirondacks for a fall retreat. It is the perfect time to capture the autumnal colors and beautiful vistas. The workshop will be held at Antlers and coordinated by Donna Atwood.

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Theta Phi Fall Reunion, Oct. 5-8, 2018

Connect with your sisters for a fun filled weekend of catching up, play and relaxation. For additional details, contact our office.