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Camp Marion

Lean-tos, Reservations on-going

Two lean-tos or open camps are available to SUNY Cortland alumni, faculty/staff, guests, and students by reservation. The lean-tos are accessible by water/ice only and are approximately a two mile paddle/hike from Antlers. Canoes may be rented from Antlers for $15 per day with prior notice. There is no fee associated with the reservation and use of the Camp Marion lean-tos, however, they must be reserved to ensure the lean-to you are hoping to use is available.

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          Camp Marion Lean-to Regulations

Hearts of Gold, Sept. 14-16, 2018

A reunion for Recreation, Parks and Leisure Studies alumni and current students. The weekend creates opportunities for networking and relaxation. It is fun for all!   

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Theta Phi Fall Reunion, Oct. 5-8, 2018

Connect with your sisters for a fun filled weekend of catching up, play and relaxation. For additional details, contact our office.

Winter Camp Dates 2019

Feb. 15-21, Feb. 15-17, or Feb. 17-21

Registration will be live in November