Patrol Division

Officer Salisbury and Officer Brooks speaking with three students in front of the red dragon statue

The Patrol Division is responsible for the law enforcement and security functions on campus and campus owned property. The Division is made up of the chief, assistant chief, four lieutenants, one investigator, fourteen patrol officers, one dispatcher and two security assistants. The Division operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. To contact the Patrol Division/Officers dial 607-753-2112. 

Command Staff:

Chief Mark T. DePaull
Assistant Chief Eric Rabusin

Police Lieutenants:

Lieutenant Mary E. Murphy
Lieutenant Frank Cullen
Lieutenant Chris Austen
Lieutenant Jennifer Olin

Police Investigator:

Investigator Amanda Wasson

Police Officers:

Officer Franklin T. Dalton
Officer Steven Rolfe
Officer David Coakley 
Officer Douglas Hyde
Officer Erik Merlin
Officer Melissa McGrady
Officer Jason Welch
Officer Brandon Gilbert
Officer Travis Block
Officer Neal Brooks
Officer Danielle Salisbury


University Communications & Security Specialist 1 Michaela Rotunda

Security Services:

Security Services Aide Joyce Willis
Senior Parking Services Attendant Stacy Alexander 

Bike Patrol:

The bike patrol operates nine months out of the year and is capable of riding in all weather conditions. All of the officers are certified Police Cyclists through the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services (BMP) and /or the International Police Mountain Bike Association. The bike patrol has proven to be an enhancement to the department. The bike officers are able to respond quicker to many calls and to arrive unnoticed at times, allowing the officer to apprehend a suspect or to protect the safety of others. Combined with the foot and vehicle patrols the bike officer contributes greatly to the community-policing mission. If you have a question or need assistance please feel free to stop and ask any of our bike officers.