Alternate Registration

Summer Session

Alternate Registration (Paper Registration)

The Alternate Registration form was established for the following:

  • Registration for visiting students (non-matriculated) who are registering where web registration is not available.
  • Registration for current students who are registering in summer and winter session only, where web registration is not available.
  • Specialized registration to accommodate extended learning courses, "College in the High Schools" courses, and Reading Recovery programs.
  • To allow for exceptional standard term registration transactions, with school approval, for matriculated students (including readmitted or reinstated students).

Please review the registration calendar to determine when the alternate registration form is accepted.

Alternate Registration Request 

According to information security policies, alternate registration forms received greater than five days prior to the registration start times must be returned to the sender. If students do not complete the following steps and provide all required materials - including providing payment information and obtaining special permission or pre-requisite verification - we will be unable to register you for courses.

  1. Find your course using the online course schedule.
    Find courses using the searchable online schedule. You will need the CRN (course reference number) and the course subject, number and section to register. Please review all course details and requirements carefully.

  2. Obtain permission or receive pre-requisite verification before completing and submitting the form.
    You must obtain all permissions and fulfill all obligations for course entry (including fulfilling pre-requisites) before submitting this request. If you do not have the required permissions in place, you will not be registered. Non-matriculated students must provide proof of completion of course prerequisites by contacting the academic department, in addition to securing any special permission that may be required. Please review the course details, and contact the academic department to obtain permission to register.

  3. Complete the Alternate Registration form.
    This is a registration request. Students must meet all applicable criteria for registration. Please review the course schedule carefully to determine which requirements you must meet. Be sure to review the information concerning the Code of Conduct and health requirements.

  4. Provide payment information when submitting the request.
    Contact Student Accounts for payment details if required. Student Accounts receives and processes your payment information. If your payment method is invalid or declined, you will be de-registered, and will required to resubmit your request with valid payment. The web registration process permits later billing, but when using the alternate registration processes, payment must be provided at the point of registration. Students who do not use or do not have credit cards, may pay by establishing payment arrangements with Student Accounts and/or Financial Aid when on campus.

    Financial Aid: Students applying for/receiving financial aid are still required to submit payment information when faxing or mailing the alternate registration form. If sufficient aid is in place and finalized, which will cover all tuition and fees, your payment method will not be charged. Please consult the Financial Aid office for information regarding your aid package, and to be certain you have completed all of the needed steps for accepting and finalizing your aid package.

    Questions: Students with billing questions are strongly urged to contact Student Accounts in advance to be sure they understand liability and cost. You should resolve your payment inquiries and questions with Student Accounts prior to submitting the form.

    The Registrar's office will not accept forms where restrictions, limits, notes regarding payment methods, or payment / cost inquiries are included on the form or when payment is not included.

  5. The Registrar's Office will contact you via email once registration is complete.
    We will send you an email confirming your registration, and (if required) we will also include your Cortland ID and system login information. Given that these are faxed or mailed, if you do not receive a confirmation, you should follow up with the office to confirm your form was received and processed.

Student Requirements & Obligations

According to NYS law and SUNY policy, students must also review and complete the following. Failure to complete requirements can result in administrative holds on your account and/or the removal of courses.

  1. Code of Student Conduct Review and Affirmation
    SUNY policy requires that all SUNY Cortland students review and agree to abide by the Code of Student Conduct and other related policies when they enroll at the College. Visit the Student Conduct Office page for advanced details, and to review the complete Code of Student Conduct. When completing the registration form, you will be asked to affirm the code of conduct.

  2. Submit Any Required Immunization and Health Forms
    Students are required to complete immunization requirements when attending classes on campus. Please visit the Student Health Service site for information concerning immunization and health history requirements.

Form and Document Delivery

Email is not a secure medium for transmitting private data or credit card information. You may not email the forms below. Only faxed or mailed forms (USPS or FedEx) are accepted in accord with PCI DSS and regulatory standards.

Required Forms and Information

Alternate Registration forms must include payment. Incomplete forms will be returned without processing.

Tuition Reference

You must calculate and provide the tuition and fee amount on the form. Please contact Student Accounts if you have tuition or fee inquiries.