Program Details

Mathematics Minor [MAT] (Minor)

Mathematics Department
Moffett Center, Room 129

Mathematics Department Course Retake Policy

  • For the purpose of this policy, "course" refers to any course offered by the Mathematics Department that is used to satisfy the requirements of any major or minor offered by the department [MAT], [AEM], [APM].
  • A student may repeat a course to replace a failing grade, grade of X (withdrawal from course) or to improve the student's grade point average when the first enrollment resulted in a passing grade.
  • A student may enroll in a course twice. A third or subsequent enrollment in that course shall be with the approval and by action of the Mathematics Department only. Such approval shall be given on a case by case basis and is not guaranteed. However, unless exceptional circumstances justify otherwise, a student shall not be allowed a third or subsequent enrollment in the same course if their total number of retakes in courses required for the major or minor is four or more. All retakes of the same course count towards this four-course threshold
  • Students who are unable to earn the required grade after their allowable attempts will be blocked from further registration in the course. As such, if this course is required for the major/minor, the student will not be able to complete their program of study and will need to pursue a different major or minor.
  • Courses that are dropped during the add/drop period (the first week of classes) do not count as enrollments in this retake policy.

Required courses

Eighteen credit hours of MAT or MCS courses, including MAT 121 and 122, or 135 and 236, and 224. Additionally, at least one elective course must be taken at the 200 level or above. No more than six credit hours may be chosen from the following:

  • MAT 101 - Concepts of Elementary School Mathematics I (3 cr. hr.)
  • MAT 102 - Concepts of Elementary School Mathematics II (3 cr. hr.)
  • MAT 105 - Mathematics in Modern Society (3 cr. hr.)
  • MAT 111 - Algebra for College Students (3 cr. hr.)
  • MAT 115 - Elementary Functions (3 cr. hr.)
  • MCS 186 - Introductory Programming (3 cr. hr.)
  • Note: MAT 101 and 102 are open only to CHD(W)/EDC(W); DEC(W)/EDD(W); ECH(W)/EDE(W); and SPC/ISE(W) majors.

Total Credit Hours Required for the Minor: 18-20