Degree Conferral Application

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The Degree Conferral Application

The degree conferral application is a required step, where a student notifies the College that they intend to graduate. Students should meet with their advisor to verify eligibility prior to the conferral term. All students will apply for the degree using the online application.

Requirements and Steps for All Students

Application Dates

The online degree application will be available in myRedDragon during the application periods below.

Fall 2017 Degree Conferral Application
Apply up to January 1, 2018.

Spring 2018 Degree Conferral Application
You MUST Apply Between October 1 to March 1, 2018 to be in the Commencement Program.
For undergraduate and graduate students who are completing all degree, major and general education requirements by the end of Spring 2018.

Summer 2018 Degree Conferral Application
You MUST Apply Between October 1 to March 1, 2018 to be in the Commencement Program.
For undergraduate and graduate students who are completing all degree, major and general education requirements in the 2018 Summer Session.

How to Apply

Students will apply online via myRedDragon.

Requirements and Steps for Teacher Certification Candidates

If you are a prospective recipient of a New York State teaching certification (including administrative/school leadership and pupil personnel services professionals) you will apply through the New York State Education Department (NYSED) using the TEACH System.

The Registrar's Office role in the certification process is limited to supporting recommendations at the point of degree conferral, providing program codes for SUNY Cortland programs and processing TEACH account authorizations. To speak with a trained counselor, and for most other types of student certification support, please review the Career Services Office site or contact the Career Services office for assistance.

Program Codes and TEACH Authorizations

  1. Each student pursuing teacher certification must complete the TEACH authorization form, so we may provide required data to the New York State Education Department (NYSED).

  2. You will first need to create a TEACH account to apply online for certification. You do not need to wait to complete all of the certification tests before applying. Instructions for creating a TEACH account can be found on the TEACH system site.

  3. You will receive program codes and other important TEACH instructions (on a "Student Information Sheet" or SIS) from the Registrar's Office, as you prepare to have your degree conferred. Please retain the SIS for future reference. The code and instructions will be needed to apply for future certificates, including professional certificates.

    Graduate and undergraduate students will be sent instructions and program codes in their Cortland email inbox after they have submitted the TEACH authorization form. If you are a graduate student, you must complete a an authorization for your current graduate level credential, even if you completed an authorization at Cortland previously.     Additional Help / Instructions

  4. After you have been awarded your degree in our registered program, the SUNY Cortland Registrar's Office will recommend you to the New York State Education Department for the teaching certificate.

  5. In order to graduate from a teacher certification program, students are currently required to complete all 3 mandated NYSED workshops. NYSED will add these to your TEACH account with an effective date that matches our certification. Once you have applied for certification and the institution has made a recommendation, it signals NYSED to review the application process.
Making Changes to Existing Applications

Changing Degree Conferral Details

Please access myRedDragon to submit changes to your degree conferral information. Using the change form, you are able to change:
  • Your Degree Conferral Term
  • Your Ceremony Attendance Preference (Yes/No)
  • Your Diploma Name
  • Your Diploma Shipping Address

To access the change form, do the following:

  1. Login to myRedDragon
  2. Click the Student Tab.
  3. Locate the Registrar's channel on the left of the screen.
  4. Click on the Degree Conferral and Graduation link.
  5. Click on the Change Conferral, Diploma or Attendance Information link.
  6. Select the appropriate change(s) you wish to make on the form.

New Graduates

Students will receive a diploma at the address provided during the conferral application approximately 6-10 weeks after the conferral process concludes. The diploma is printed with the legal name on file. The diploma will be sent to the address provided during the degree conferral application.

SUNY Cortland diplomas are printed by a professional printing company that prints and embosses our diplomas on high quality stock. The diploma includes the degree earned at SUNY Cortland (example: BA, BS, BFA, MA, MS etc), not the specific major. Students with double majors receive only one diploma in accord with the degree. Students with dual degrees (for example, a BA and a BS) will receive two diplomas.

The College cannot confer the degree or send a diploma or transcript if you have any outstanding holds, financial obligations, or disciplinary actions. Please be sure to resolve any holds or obligations prior to leaving campus to avoid any delay.

If you are a new graduate and you require a name or address change, you may make the request prior to the change deadlines (May 1 for Spring, August 1 for Summer, and by December 1 for Fall) to avoid a reprinting charge or delay.

Duplicate or Replacement Diplomas

Students may request replacement or duplicate diplomas through the Registrar's Office. To obtain a diploma replacement form, please use the replacement form.

If you are requesting a replacement diploma because your name has changed, please complete the Change of Name/Address Form as well. SUNY Cortland uses an external printing company to print and deliver your replacement diploma. The replacement diploma will arrive approximately 8 weeks after the request is received and processed.

TEACH Program Codes

TEACH Program Codes

Undergraduate and graduate students may access their program code using the program code lookup tool.

Through 2018, undergraduates may also access their program code using the TEACH tools in the degree conferral and Commencement menu on Self Service Banner.

Information for Alumni

If you are a former Cortland teacher certification student who is seeking professional certification, or pursuing an additional certificate elsewhere, you may need to obtain the program code associated with your program at Cortland.

If you are an undergraduate program alumni, you will be able to access the program code via myRedDragon through 2018. You may also use the online program code lookup tool if you are unable to access myRedDragon or no longer have a password.

Graduate program alumni may access the program code by answering a series of short questions on the online program code lookup tool.

Frequently Asked Questions

In addition to the above guidance, we have a knowledgebase that includes some of the most commonly asked questions.