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Important Notice

To allow for departmental and dean-level degree requirement verification, degree conferral occurs four to six weeks after the close of the academic term.


Congratulations on receiving your degree from SUNY Cortland! We hope you stay in contact with us through the SUNY Cortland Alumni Association, and we look forward to serving you in the years after you graduate.  The Registrar's Office will continue to provide you with a range of support services including obtaining replacement diplomas and ordering and sending official transcripts. 

SUNY Cortland Diplomas

Students who have recently graduated will receive a diploma at no charge approximately eight to 12 weeks after the conferral of the degree. The initial diploma is printed with the diploma name on file, which you will provide during your myRedDragon degree application. Your diploma will be sent to the address on file provided during your degree application. 

SUNY Cortland diplomas are printed by a professional printing company that produces our diplomas on high quality stock.  The diploma includes the degree earned at SUNY Cortland (example: BA, BS, BFA, MA, MS etc).  Students with double majors receive only one diploma in accord with the degree. Students with dual degrees (for example, a BA and a BS) will receive two diplomas.

The College cannot send a diploma or transcript if you have outstanding financial obligations or disciplinary obligations to the college. Please be sure to resolve any holds or obligations prior to leaving campus to avoid any delay.

New Graduates: Changes to Diploma Name and Address

If you are a new graduate and you require a name or address change, you may make the request to the graduation staff by the change deadlines (May 1 for Spring, August 1 for Summer, and by December 1 for Fall) to avoid a reprinting charge and delay. 

If you are requesting a name change or adjustment due to a legal change to your name, please complete the Change of Name/Address Form as well.

Students replacing diplomas may also change their name and address in our student systems using the Change of Name/Address Form. See our replacement instructions below.


Diploma Replacements or Duplicates

Students may request replacement or duplicate diplomas through the Registrar's Office. To obtain a diploma replacement form, please use the online request process:

If you are requesting a replacement diploma because your name has changed, please complete the Change of Name/Address Form as well.

SUNY Cortland uses an external printing company to print and deliver your replacement diploma. The replacement diploma will arrive approximately eight to 12 weeks after the request is received and processed. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I am a new graduate. How long will it take for my diploma to arrive after my degree is conferred?

A: SUNY Cortland uses a national printer who ships your diploma directly to you. It takes between eight and 12 weeks for the diploma to arrive.

Q: I am a new graduate. What do I do if my diploma shipping address has changed?

A: Students are able to notify us of an address change by the change deadline. See our instructions.

Q: I am a new graduate. What do I do if my name has changed?

A: Students are able to notify us of a name change by the change deadline. See our instructions.

Q: I  am a Cortland alumni. I have a change to my legal name.  How do I update the diploma?

A: Students with legal name changes should change their name in our information system records for the diploma and transcripts. Once you change your name, a duplicate diploma may be ordered. See our instructions.

Q: My diploma only includes my degree, not my major. 

A: SUNY Cortland diplomas include the degree earned as approved by the Board of Trustees. The major is not included on the diploma. Your transcript provides a complete detail of your majors, minors and concentrations, and is considered a legal instrument for the verification of a degree.

Q: I am a double major. Will I get two diplomas?

A: Only double degree students will receive two diplomas. More information

Q: I changed my address and did not receive my diploma. How do I receive my diploma?

A: Diplomas are mailed to the address provided on your application for degree. If you change your address after applying for your degree and do not request an adjustment before the change deadlines (see above), and you do not receive your diploma, you must request a replacement diploma. The Registrar's Office and SUNY Cortland cannot be responsible for mailing issues related to relocations and address changes after the posted deadlines.