Transportation Services

SUNY Cortland Transportation Services maintains an over-the-road fleet of vans and sedans, a fleet of buses for transportation on campus as well as for field trips, and a full service garage to maintain the campus fleet of approximately 100 service vehicles, including department-assigned vehicles, 26 GemCar electric-powered vehicles, snow plow trucks, pickups, tractors and a vast array of grounds-keeping equipment.

Over-the-road vehicles may be reserved by campus employees conducting approved college travel using a departmental account for payment. Please also review eligibility to use a campus vehicle and acceptable range of operation of campus vehicles (200 driving miles). All faculty and staff will have their vehicle license status checked on the New York State LENS program prior to receiving the keys for a campus vehicle. When demand for campus vehicles exceeds availability, campus employees should rent a vehicle adhering to the campus rental car guidelines.

Campus buses operate on a 5-10 minute schedule during classes throughout the school year, providing transportation to students, faculty and staff.

Request a Bus

In addition to on-campus busing, on a limited basis we also offer bus reservations for field trips within 200 driving miles of campus each way, for college organizations and departments. Please complete a Bus Request Form (PDF) and send it via campus mail to Transportation Services Office, Service Group Bldg. Please note that bus trip costs are based on mileage driven both ways as well as waiting time for drivers.

Raquette Lake

In recent years the College Transportation Department has piloted the use of motor coach contract services to transport students and college employees to and from Raquette Lake. The buses provided by these companies are well- suited for long distance travel and provide improved comfort, passenger and baggage capacity, and safety for our campus passengers. The response from college travelers has been overwhelmingly positive, and motor coaches will now be used standard for all Raquette Lake trips.

The Transportation Department combines all of the trips each semester and conducts competitive bidding to obtain the best prices, but the cost of these services remains quite high. For the past two years we have fully subsidized the additional cost. Starting Fall 2019 there will be an increase of $150 to the standard charge back fee each campus department or organization pays.  Hence, the cost per round trip will go from $1200 to $1350. Even with this increased charge, Transportation Department is significantly subsidize the cost of each trip.

For information or helping regarding busing needs or fleet vehicle reservations call 607-753-2129