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Recruitment Policies

Recruiting opportunities are available to SUNY Cortland students without regard to race, color, gender, religion, age, national origin, disability, or sexual orientation.

Students are expected to attend resume and interviewing workshops in order to enhance their job search skills and present the most professional image of SUNY Cortland graduates to all employers.


SUNY Cortland is pleased to host recruiters seeking graduates for full-time employment and summer jobs or internship placements. Prime recruiting time is September to November for fall semester and February through April for spring semester. Call 607-753-4715 for more information about on-campus recruiting opportunities.

Career Services will contact academic departments, students, and initiate publicity to encourage the largest number of candidates to sign-up for recruiting schedules. Recruiters are asked to remember that students class schedules and commitments make schedule changes very difficult.

On-campus job fairs currently hosted at SUNY Cortland include the Summer Job and Internship Fair and Teacher Recruitment Day.

Additionally, if your organization has any recruitment events you would like our students to be aware of, you may email the information directly to and we will post the opportunity on our online calendar, on our website, and/or on bulletin boards.


Students are encouraged to regularly check the Career Services bulletin boards, the website and their Cortland e-mail accounts to take advantage of on-campus recruiting opportunities.

All recruitment requires sign-up registration unless otherwise stated. Signups are a professional commitment to complete the interview process. A student who fails to show up for his/her interview will not be allowed to sign-up for any other on-campus recruitment. Students are expected to dress appropriately for interviews, and to arrive for the interview at least ten minutes before the scheduled time. Smart students (and all Cortland students are smart) write thank you notes to the interviewer immediately.

Please visit the Job Opportunities page for events or postings.