Interlibrary Loan

Why use interlibrary loan?

Interlibrary Loan (ILL) is used to obtain materials needed for research which are not owned by Memorial Library by borrowing them or requesting photocopies or electronic delivery from other libraries.

How do you proceed?

All requests must be submitted electronically through the Interlibrary Loan system which is called ILLiad. ILLiad is accessible from the library home page as well as at various points throughout the library website. There are InterLibrary Loan links in most of the databases or you can access ILLiad by clicking the LinkSource link. To access your ILLiad account, use your NetID and Password which you use to log into MyRedDragon. First-time users will be required to set up an account which captures contact information and delivery preferences. This can and should be modified as your personal information changes. Any questions or problems call ILL at 607 - 753-2928 or fill out the ILLiad problem web form.

How long does it take?

It is not possible to predict the exact time needed to complete each request. Requests are sent via a library-to-library online communication system. Each request can potentially reach as many as five different libraries and each library has four business days to respond. Plan ahead at least two weeks. You can check the status and/or progress of your active requests by signing on to your ILLiad account. In most cases, articles are delivered electronically via ILLiad. They may also be emailed to you directly as a pdf attachment or physically mailed to you depending on how we receive the document and what preferences you have set in your ILLiad profile. Notification that your request is ready for pick up will be emailed to you as each request is fulfilled.

What items may be difficult to get?

Most libraries will not lend bound periodicals; therefore we request photocopies of articles from other libraries. Doctoral Dissertations listed in Dissertation Abstracts are not available from ILL unless we can locate them at schools other than where they were completed. Reference books, genealogies, unpublished works, oversized, rare or fragile items (especially manuscripts or newspapers not in microform) are not available for loan. Videos may be available for short-term loan; however, some libraries do not loan videos at all. Loaning libraries may also set limitations on certain items like how much of a multi-volume set or reels of microfilm they will lend at any one time. The U.S. Copyright Law limits SUNY Cortland to one article request from the same current issue; there is also a limit of five requests from the current five years of a journal title.

Who may use this service?

ILL is available to SUNY Cortland faculty, staff, and students only. An email account is required to use this service.

Are there limits on the number of requests which can be placed?

Yes. Patrons can request and have out up to 25 outstanding items at any one time. As electronically transmitted articles are opened by you (this is considered “delivered”) or as you return books, your queue will be open for more requests up to the maximum of 25.

What do we need from you?

Under copyright and ILL agreements, we can only request specific items. A reference librarian can help you identify and provide complete citations for these. For books this means: author, title, place published, publisher, and date published. WorldCat is a good comprehensive source for book information. For journal articles, this means spelling out the full journal title (no abbreviations), volume, year, pages, author, and article title. The ISSN is also very important in identifying the correct journal. ILL requests must be filled out completely. Some of the databases will transfer citation information automatically into the ILLiad online form.

We must know where you found your citation!

If there is a problem with your request (citations can sometimes be wrong), knowing where you obtained the requested citation will help us identify and correct the error in order to get what you are looking for.

Please provide complete "source of information," including author (if appropriate), title, year, and page; or database and unique identifying number (AN usually or EJ) or subject heading used. Most online databases spell out the full title of a journal. Printed paper indexes and abstracts list their abbreviations and full journal titles in the front of each issue/volume or in a separate list. Check availability of full text prior to making an ILL request. First, using the full journal title, check SUNY Cortland's Periodical Holdings.  Check local availability at Memorial Library. If it is not available in print, check to see if the full text is available through one of our online databases by using the “LinkSource” in the databases. If the periodical issue is missing from our collection or has been vandalized, be sure to note that on the ILL form. If a SUNY Cortland book is not on the shelf, ask at the Circulation Desk to do a search for the book.

What is your responsibility?

You are responsible for returning books on time. Most loans are for four weeks; there are no semester loans. A slip with the due date is placed in each book. Pick up and return ILL books at the Circulation Desk. You may keep the photocopied articles which are sent to you. Electronic documents will remain posted for 21 business days.

Can I Renew my ILL Books?

Due dates are assigned by the lending library. Loan periods are approximately four weeks. If you need to request a renewal, you can do so online via your ILLiad account BEFORE the due date. If a renewal is granted, it is usually for two weeks. Some libraries do not allow renewals at all. In this case, the book is due by the original due date. If the book is still needed, however, you may submit another request for that same book and we will do our best to order it from a different library if it is available.

What if I return my books late?

Returning your books late has a direct effect on Memorial Library’s ability to borrow materials from libraries in the future. Egregious disregard for assigned due dates may result in additional fines and/or loss of ILL and Memorial Library borrowing privileges.

Can ILL recall my ILL book?

Memorial Library staff reserve the right to recall ILL materials for any reason. Recalled items must be returned immediately.

What does it cost?

Memorial Library absorbs most of the cost of borrowing material from other libraries for ILL requests. Patrons are, however, responsible for late fees and replacement costs associated with damaged or lost items. Late fees range from $1-$5 per day depending on delinquency. The library reserves the right to limit the requests of any individual and/or ask the user to share costs associated with certain requests.

Can Mohawk Valley Graduate Center (MVGC) students get ILL copies?

Currently registered MVGC students can request photocopies of articles from journals owned by SUNY Cortland. If possible these items will be delivered electronically, otherwise these items will be sent to the student's home address. Please clearly identify yourself as a Mohawk Valley Graduate student in the notes section of the article request form. Books and articles from journals not owned by SUNY Cortland should be requested through the libraries at SUNYIT.