Inclusive Education Childhood [IEC]

The IEC program, offered by the Foundations and Social Advocacy Department, prepares teacher candidates for New York state initial certification in Childhood Education and in Teaching Students with Disabilities from grades 1 through grade 6. This dual certification program integrates a strong liberal arts foundation with rigorous professional course work and numerous opportunities for meaningful involvement in various elementary schools. The program culminates with a semester-long student teaching experience with both general education and special education mentors.

Career Potential

  • Elementary school teacher
  • Special education teacher
  • Inclusive education teacher
  • Inclusive education facilitator

Program Details for Inclusive Education Childhood [IEC]

Inclusive Special Education (1-6) [ISE_PSYX]

The Foundations and Social Advocacy Department offers the inclusive special education major which prepares students to have certification in teaching children with disabilities in grades one through six.

Career Potential

  • Special education teacher, Grades 1-6
  • Inclusive curriculum specialist
  • Inclusion consultant
  • Developmental disabilities provider/caregiver

Program Details for Inclusive Special Education (1-6) [ISE_PSYX]