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2013-2014 Activities

Conflict in Syria: How Should the U.S. Respond?

Sept 18, 2013


On September 18, 2013, The Clark Center for International Education together with the Institute for Civic Engagement and the Center for Ethics, Peace, and Social Justice (CEPS) organized a teach-in panel titled “Conflict in Syria: How Should the U.S. Respond? The event gathered three SUNY Cortland scholars to discuss about the implications of the current civil war in Syria for U.S. foreign-policy decision-making. The panel was moderated by Richard Kendrick, Director, Institute for Civic Engagement & Professor, Department of Sociology/Anthropology.

Larbi Touaf, Fullbright Scholar at SUNY Cortland & Associate Professor, Universite Mohammed I Oujda, Morocco gave an excellent overview of the historical elements of the conflict and placed the Syrian conflict in the larger framework of the Arab Spring. Alexandru Balas, Director, Clark Center for International Education & Coordinator, International Studies Program presented a conflict analysis of the major actors and the type of activities a third party, like the United Nations, could take. Andrew Fitz-Gibbon, Director, Center for Ethics, Peace and Social Justice (CEPS) & Chair, Department of Philosophy presented some options for peace and social justice that should be at the forefront of any type of third party intervention in the Syrian conflict.

The event gathered approximately 60 participants and was also featured in the local media.

2012-2013 Activities

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2011-2012 Activities


Creating a Faculty-Led Short-Term Study Abroad Program

November 7, 2011 Luncheon Workshop:


Would you like to take students on a two or three week study abroad program?  Do you want to include a study abroad component in your course, or take students with you to do international research?  This workshop outlines the process, pitfalls, and joys of designing and running a faculty-led study abroad program.



Teaching Online with an International Partner

November 14, 2011 Luncheon Workshop:


Would you like to teach either a course segment (module) or an entire course with an international partner? This workshop will offer information on how to identify an appropriate international partner,  suggest guidelines on how such courses work on the SUNY Cortland campus, and identify resources  supporting anyone interested in developing such modules or courses.


Embedding Global Issues in your Courses

February 14, 2012 Luncheon Workshop:


This workshop offers an overview of six-hour teaching modules created & piloted by SUNY Cortland and Brockport faculty in collaboration with the Levin Institute as part of the SUNY Global Workforce Project. Incorporating these modules is a simple and effective way of including international material from a wide variety of disciplines.  The workshop will explain how the modules work and how to begin using one or more in your courses.  Module topics include:  gender, sustainability, human rights, technology, health, service organizations, migration, global trade, banking & finance, and nationalism & state sovereignty.



International Teaching & Research Fellowships

March 1, 2012 Luncheon Workshop:


Would you like to spend a semester, a summer, or even just a few weeks teaching or researching abroad?  This workshop will provide information on the variety of fellowships and grants available to faculty, and  offer general guidelines on how to write a successful fellowship proposal.