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International Advocates


To develop a knowledge base about study abroad opportunities relevant to the International Advocate’s department programs and informally advise department’s faculty about all matters pertaining to study abroad and exchange; to work with international students in the International Advocate’s department; to convey information about new internationalization initiatives and opportunities to department members.

Department Advocates


Art and Art History: Jeremiah Donovan
Biology: Brian Rivest
Chemistry: Karen Downey
Communications: Paul van der Veur
Economics: Flavia Dantas
English: Vicki Boynton
Geography: Richard Hunter
History: Judith VanBuskirk
Mathematics: Sonia Sharma
Modern Languages: Donna West
Philosophy: Sebastian Purcell
Political Science: Henry Steck, Seth Asumah
Psychology: Margaret Anderson
Sociology/Anthropology: Sharon Steadman


Childhood/Early Childhood: Valerie Behr
Foundations and Social Advocacy: Natalie Dopson (Spring 2013) 


Communication Disorders: Nikki Curtis
Health: Jena Curtis and Bonni Hodges
Kinesiology: Yomee Lee
Physical Education: Colleen Buchanan, JoEllen Bailey, Jeffrey Walkuski
Recreation, Parks, and Leisure: Amy Shellman
Sport Management: Ted Fay