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Taijiquan & Qiqong: The Ancient Chinese Path to Wellness
Lecture by Master Jesse Tsao
September 5, 2014

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Jesse Tsao Lecture

Date: September 5 @ 7:30pm, Sperry Room 205 

Sponsors: Philosophy Department; Center for Ethics, Peace, and Social Justice; Physical Education Department; Recreation, Park, and Leisure Studies Department; President's Office; Campus Artist and Lecture Series, Faculty Development Small Grant, Clark Center for International Education

Tai Chi Master Jesse Tsao is a former champion from China with over 40 years of Tai Chi experience. Master Tsao has a PhD in Wusho from Shanghai Sport University. He is an internationally known Tai Chi master, Qiqong therapist, and alternative medicine and wellness consultat, and is the founder of Tai Chi Healthways. He specializes in the areas of self-healing, preventive therapies, stress management and min-body welnness. He has made regular teaching tours internationally since 2005 to Germany, France, England, Ireland, Netherlands, Spain, Belgium, Italy, Russia, and Greece.

Inside the International Criminal Court: A Prosecutor's View
Lecture by Karen Corrie, Prosecutor's Office, International Criminal Court and Fordham University
May 1, 2014

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Inside the ICC

Date: May 1st @ 7PM ; Location: Old Main 209

Sponsored by:  The Political Science Department, The Clark Center for International Education, and the SUNY Cortland College Arts and Lecture Series 

Karen L. Corrie is a litigator with experience in domestic and international criminal and human rights law.  She currently teaches courses at Fordham as well as serving as an advisor to the President of the International Criminal Court Assembly of States Parties.  Previously, Karen Corrie was an associate analyst and associate trial lawyer in the Office of the Prosecutor at the International Criminal Court in the Hague.

One Year with Pope Francis
Lecture by Bishop Emeritus Matthew M. Clark
March 18, 2014

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One Year with Pope Francis

On Tuesday, March 18th starting at 5pm in Moffett 2125, Bishop Emeritus Matthew H. Clark will lead a discussion about the man who has captivated the world’s attention over the course of the past year.  Pope Francis’ outlook on hot-button issues like homosexuality, the role of women & the global sexual abuse crisis will be covered in relation to how they stand to impact the future of the Catholic Church.

 The event is sponsored by the O’Heron Newman Catholic Chapel and the Clark Center for International Education

Democratization in Eastern Europe and Central Asia 25 Years On
Vera Axyonova, Fulda University, Germany
March 3, 2014

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Vera Axyonova Democratization in Central and Eastern Europe Talk 

Join the Clark Center for International Education in welcoming scholar and expert, Dr. Vera Axyonova, for her lecture “Democratization in Eastern Europe and Central Asia 25 Years On.” 

This event will be on March 4th at 4:30 PM in Moffett 2125.

Dr. Axyonova, of Germany’s Fulda University, will be discussing on the historical process of democratization in Central European, Eastern European, and Central Asian Countries that occurred after the fall of communism in 1989.

 This lecture is funded by the Campus Artist and Lecture Series committee, and sponsored by the Clark Center for International Education, the International Studies Program, the Project on Eastern and Central Europe, the Department of Political Science, the International Programs Office, the Asian and Middle Eastern Studies Committee, the Center for Gender and Intercultural Studies, and the Political Science Student Association.

We hope to see you there!

Want to Study Abroad in Germany? Undergraduate and Graduate Opportunities
Presentation by Vera Axyonova, Fulda University & Hugh Anderson, International Programs Office, SUNY Cortland
March 3, 2014

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Want to Study Abroad in Germany?

Are you an undergraduate or graduate student who is curious about studying abroad?  Would you like to learn more about German culture, language, and customs?  Well here is your chance to hear about SUNY Cortland’s partnership with Fulda University directly from a Fulda representative visiting our campus.  Come to this talk to get a sense of what this opportunity would mean for you financially, educationally and otherwise!

Putin's Games. Sports, Society, Politics, and Economics 
February 10, 2014

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Putin's Games

Interested learning about what goes on behind the scenes during the Olympics? Come to the Clark Center for International Education’s event “Putin’s Games: Sports, Society, Politics, and Economy.” It will be held on Monday, February 10th at 3 PM in Corey Union’s Fireplace Lounge. Panelists Dr. Yomee Lee, Dr. Ted Fay, Dr. Susan Rayl, and Dr. Jing Huang will be discussing issues that stem from the Olympic Games. Dr. Alexandru Balas will be moderating the event. The Clark Center for International Education, the Department of Kinesiology and the Department of Sport Management are the sponsors of this event.

We hope to see you there!

An International Career with the United Nations
Catherine Bertini, former Director of the UN's World Food Programme
February 13, 2014

Clark Center for International Education

Catherine Bertini Poster

Considering a career in international affairs? Interested in global organizations such as the World Food Programme? SUNY Cortland’s International Studies Program and Clark Center for International Education will be hosting “An International Career with the United Nations,” featuring Catherine Bertini, the former director of the World Food Programme. Join us on February 13th at 4:30 PM in Moffett, room 2125. 

The Impact of the Free Trade Treaty, GMOs, and Seed Banks on Farmers in Guatemala
November 13, 2013

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 Guatemala Talk Poster

Tuesday, Nov 19, 12-1pm ; Old Main 220, Colloquium             

Presented by members of the Macario-Saquic family, Guatemalan-Mayan farmers

Sponsored by: Clark Center for International Education, La Familia Latina & Latino and Latin American Studies (LLAS) @ SUNY Cortland;  Global Initiatives Council & Social Science Department @ TC3

Food Security, Farming, the WTO and CAFTA.  As a necessary element to human survival, food is a human right. Small, local family farms are the bedrock of traditional rural communities and global food security- the ability of countries to produce the food they need to survive. Yet the global food supply is increasingly falling under the control of giant multinational corporations. Large agribusinesses have rewritten the rules of the global agricultural economy, using “free trade” agreements to turn food into a commodity for profit rather than a human right. What is the impact of CAFTA on local farmers’ lives in Guatemala? How do all these global agricultural policies impact the daily lives of farmers in Guatemala?

International Celebration Month 2013
October 21-November 20, 2013

International Celebration 2013

Monday October 21

The Arab Spring Between Secularism and Religion @ TC3 Room 210 4-5:30 pm
Congo Awareness: Teach-In Forum @ Corey Union-Exhibition Lounge 6-7:30 pm

Tuesday October 22

Congo Awareness: CELL-OUT @ Corey Union-Exhibition Lounge 7-8:30 pm

Wednesday October 23

Island Detentions: Migration, Enforcement, and Struggles over Asylum @ Moffett 2125 4:30pm

“UNICEF” Promo Video @ Corey Union Exhibition Lounge 4-6pm

Thursday, October 24

"Women in the Congo" @ Collaboration with Women of Color, Corey Union Voice Office 6-7pm

Saturday October 26

Sonalee’s Bollywood Dance Company @ Corey Union Function Room 8 pm

Monday October 28

Taste of the World @ Corey Union Function Room 6pm

Tuesday October 29

German Film Series, Divided Heaven (Der getelite Himmel) (1964) @ Sperry 305 7pm

Wednesday October 30

Cross-Cultural Communication Panel @ Moffett 2125 4:30pm

Tuesday November 5

Cave Archaeology in Western Belize @ Jacobus Lounge, Brockway Hall 4:30 pm
German Film Series, Goodbye, Lenin (2003) @ Sperry 305 7pm

Wednesday November 6

Panel on Careers for International Studies Majors @ Moffett 2125 4:30-6pm

Tuesday November 12

German Film Series, Barbara (2012) @ Sperry 305 7pm

Wednesday November 13

Democracy and Women’s Rights After the Arab Spring @ Moffett 2125 4:30-6pm

Thursday November 14

German Film Series, Imagining the West from the East @ Sperry 305 7pm

Monday November 18

International Celebration Reception @ Old Main Colloquium 220 4:30-6 pm

Tuesday November 19

The Impact of the Free Trade Treaty, GMOs, and Seed Banks on Farmers in Guatemala @ Old Main Colloquium 220 12-1 pm

Wednesday November 20

To Smash the Ceiling or to Build Open Houses: Gender Politics and the Glass Ceiling @ Sperry 205 7pm

For more information please contact the Clark Center for International Education or go to