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  1. Have students write down what defines them as a person. How do they think others categorize them when they first see them?
  2. Encourage students to participate in campus events via the Voice Office and/or Multicultural Life and Diversity Office.
  3. Brainstorm all the different ways that we see similarities and differences between people? Why do we do this? Is this ok? What happens when we do this?
  4. Least-Most (PDF): an activity that asks students to reflect on their perceptions of people and how certain groups of people are treated by others.
  5. Have students do a cultural audit of Cortland. Where is it diverse, where is it not? What cultural images do you see here? Discuss what multiculturalism means using links from Dr. Kathryn Russell's (Philosophy) website.
  6. Play Cultural Bingo (Cultural Bingo with answers) or Cultural Diversity Bingo (second version).
  7. Have students attend a campus group meeting.
  8. Have students bring in representations of stereotypes and share those types with the class.
  9. Ask students to reflect on how our media outlets and television programs represent different cultures, or own culture, and individuals.
  10. Multi-cultural Stereotypes (PDF): a small group exercise for students to think about the ways groups of people are characterized in every day life.
  11. Diversity is a great topic for a journal or reflection paper.
  12. Click HERE and find out about library games, tours, instruction - SPECIFICALLY designed for your COR 101 class on Diversity!!
  13. Ask one of the leaders from a student organization or an international student panel to discuss issues with the class.
  14. Have students dig into their own cultural heritage. What factors have shaped their identity?
  15. The Choice (PDF): a small group activity that offers students an opportunity to make a decision about groups of people who may be different than their high school peers
  16. Have students do the "This Is My House" (PDF)exercise.
  17. Perception Game (PDF) An activity that has students follow verbal directions to fold paper blindfolded.
  18. Identity and Diversity Worksheet (PDF) Reflection exercise on how you think the world sees you.
  19. Life Experience Assessment (PDF) Encourages students to reflect on multicultural life experiences.
  20. Crossing the Line Activity (PDF) Activity meant to show the general background of the class in response to racial, social, sexual, and cultural differences in our society.
  21. Watch the video from RSA Animate and discuss Changing Education Paradigms.