2015 Honors Convocation Committee

Mrs. Sila Argyle, Supervising Janitor, Physical Plant

Dr. Philip Buckenmeyer, Committee Co-Chair and Associate Professor and Chair, Kinesiology

Mr. Mark Dodds, J.D., Assistant Professor, Sport Management

Dr. Mary Gfeller, Assistant Professor, Mathematics

Ms. Samantha Howell, Special Events Coordinator, President's Office

Dr. Kimberly Kraebel, Associate Professor, Psychology

Dr. Virginia B. Levine, Executive Assistant to the President, President’s Office

Dr. Joy Mosher, Committee Co-Chair and Associate Professor, Childhood/Early Childhood Education

Dr. Jerome O’Callaghan, Associate Dean, School of Arts and Sciences

Mr. Kevin Pristash ‘85, M.A. ‘91, Associate Director, Corey Union, Campus Activities and Corey Union

Ms. Tracy Rammacher, Director, Publications and Electronic Media

Mrs. Lee Scott-Mack, Associate Registrar, Registrar’s Office

Mr. Brad Snyder, Associate Director, Classroom Technology Services, Media Services

Mrs. Kimberly Slater, Associate Director, Financial Aid

Mrs. Susan Vleck, Special Events Assistant, President's Office