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Students conducting research in anthropology, sociology, criminology, and gerontology may find the following resources helpful. The department cautions that the Web should generally be thought of as a supplementary research tool. It does not make books and libraries obsolete!

The World Wide Web as a Research Tool

Evaluating World Wide Web Information
"Unlike most print resources such as magazines and journals that go through a filtering process (e.g., editing, peer review), information on the World Wide Web and the Internet is mostly unfiltered. So using and citing information found over the Web is a little like swimming on a beach without a lifeguard." This web site provides guidance in distinguishing trustworthy information from junk on the Web.


American Anthropological Association This website has information on "Careers in Anthropology"

Iroquois Studies Association This site contains some useful Native American links and other information.

Society for American Archaeology Bulletin

Archaeology, the official publication of the Archaeological Institute of America.


American Sociological Association "Dedicated to advancing sociology as a scientific discipline and profession serving the public good." A "Careers and Jobs" section answers the question "what can I do with a sociology major?"

 Harvard Human Rights Journal

The New York Journal of Sociology

SocioWeb This one is well worth your while. Give it a look!

Sociological Research Online, "a new, fully peer-reviewed, academic journal which publishes high quality applied sociology on the WWW."


Justice Policy Center

Vera Institute of Justice

Sourcebook of Criminal Justice Statistics

United States Department of Justice

United Nations Crime and Justice Information Network

World Criminal Justice Library Network


Association for Gerontology in Higher Education

Directory of Aging Sites , a good place to start on gerontology research projects.

Gerontological Society of America


Sociology Lens

Public Criminology

Thick Culture