Sociology/Anthropology Department

When you explore sociology and anthropology at SUNY Cortland, you’ll immerse yourself in the study of the human condition. You’ll examine how societies and cultures are formed and how they shape and are shaped by human behavior. You’ll develop analytical, critical thinking and creative problem-solving skills that are vital in any walk of life.

Classes are small, led by faculty who are eager to help you succeed. Opportunities for independent research, internships, fieldwork, study abroad and service-learning will let you put classroom theory to the test in the real world.

The list of possible career paths is long and diverse. Our graduates have gone on to successful careers as educators, social service professionals, counselors, health care providers, in law and law enforcement and in many other fields.


Library Exhibit, Speakers to Focus on Renaissance Science

The program is based on British Author J. K. Rowling's popular Harry Potter books.

Professor Takes High Tech Look at Lincoln’s Cottage

Scott Stull's work advances knowledge of one of America's greatest presidents.

Lunchtime Series to Focus on Economic Inequality

The College kicks off a monthly series addressing economic inequality beginning Tuesday, June 23.

‘New Social Darwinism’ is Topic April 23

Biologist-anthropologist David Sloan Wilson is the author of 'Evolution for Everyone.'

Course Promotes Innovative Approaches for Community Needs

Community Innovation Lab has matched eight students with four local projects.


The department of Sociology/Anthropology, has a Sociology/Anthropology Club and Criminology Club, as well as National Honor Society in Sociology; Alpha Kappa Delta, and a National Honor Society in Criminology; Alpha Phi Sigma.

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