Psychology Department - SUNY Cortland

Psychology Department

How do people perceive the world? What motivates them? How do children learn? What makes us angry, or sad, or happy or depressed? How does the brain work?

These are just some of the questions you'll be able to explore in SUNY Cortland’s Psychology Department. And as you explore, you’ll benefit from far-ranging faculty expertise, innovative teaching and leading-edge technological resources.

Choose areas of study that interest you. Learn from a multitalented faculty who are experts in educational psychology, personality/social, abnormal psychology, learning, cognition, emotion, neuroscience, psychopharmacology and psychology of the exceptional child.

Practice the methods of psychology in such real-world settings as schools, counseling centers, or social service agencies. Add depth to your learning by conducting research in Cortland's first-rate laboratories.

A Cortland psychology degree can lay the groundwork for graduate school in psychology, education or social work; for law school or medical school; and for careers in research, applied psychology, counseling and a variety of other fields.


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Three seniors and one recent graduate were honored April 5 in Albany, N.Y.

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A new two-year study aims to help first-year students acclimate faster to college-level academic work.

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