Program Details

Community Health: Concentration in Health Communication [CHEA_HCOM] (Major)

This concentration in the Health Department links the areas of communication and health. It is designed to prepare students to work in careers that use communication approaches to inform and influence personal and community actions that enhance health and promote the quality of life.

Career Potential

  • Health communication specialist with government agencies, health organizations, businesses
  • Health reporter
  • Consultant to public, private organizations

Community Health with a concentration in Health Communication [CHEA_HCOM]

In addition to the requirements to fulfill the concentration in Health Communication listed below, students must fulfill all degree requirements for the Bachelor of Science in Community Health [CHEA].

A. Required Concentration Courses: 20 credit hours

Select All: 10 credit hours

  • CAP 236 - Desktop Publishing (1 cr. hr.)
  • COM 100 - Human Communication (3 cr. hr.)
  • COM 450 - Health Communication (3 cr. hr.)
  • PWR 393 - Technical Writing (3 cr. hr.)
Select One: Three credit hours
  • COM 451 - Environmental Communication (3 cr. hr.)
  • COM 452 - Risk Communication (3 cr. hr.)
Select One: One credit hour
  • COM 390 - Participation in Newspaper (1 cr. hr.)
  • COM 393 - Participation in Video Production (1 cr. hr.)
  • COM 394 - Participation in Audio Production (1 cr. hr.)
Select Two: Six credit hours
  • COM 203 - Introduction to Media Writing (3 cr. hr.)
  • COM 301 - Mass Media and Society (3 cr. hr.)
  • COM 302 - Intercultural Communication (3 cr. hr.)
  • COM 303 - International Communication (3 cr. hr.)
  • COM 320 - Organizational Communication (3 cr. hr.)
  • COM 410 - Communication in Social Change (3 cr. hr.)
B. Internship: Eight credit hours

One eight-week internship must be completed in an approved agency or program with a health communication focus. Community Health majors may use eight weeks of their 16-week fieldwork experience (HLH 499) to meet this requirement.

Total Credit Hours Required for the concentration in Health Communication: 28

Total Credit Hours Required for Graduation: 124