Program Details

Community Health: Concentration in Environmental Health [CHEA_ENVH] (Major)

This concentration in the Health Department is designed for students interested in seeking careers as environmental health specialists or public health sanitarians. Such professionals apply the principles of the natural and social sciences to the detection, evaluation, control and management of those factors in the environment which influence health. These professionals typically work in governmental agencies or industry.

Career Potential

  • Public health sanitarian with a county health department
  • Specialist with governmental agencies such as Occupational Safety and Health Administration and Environmental Protection Agency
  • Environmental specialist with businesses and corporations
  • Emergency management and response specialist

Community Health with a concentration in Environmental Health [CHEA_ENVH]

In addition to the requirements to fulfill the concentration in Environmental Health listed below, students must fulfill all degree requirements for the Bachelor of Science in Community Health [CHEA].

Required Concentration Courses: 25-26 credit hours

Required Courses: 14 credit hours

  • BIO 306 - Human Genetics (3 cr. hr.)
  • CHE 221 - General Chemistry I (4 cr. hr.)
  • CHE 222 - General Chemistry II (4 cr. hr.)
  • HLH 393 - Introduction to Occupational Safety and Health (3 cr. hr.)
Select One: Three to four credit hours
  • BIO 310 - Field Biology (3 cr. hr.)
  • BIO 412 - General Ecology (4 cr. hr.)
  • HLH 392 - Environmental Pollutants and Toxicology (3 cr. hr.)
Select Two: Eight credit hours
  • PHY 105 - Elementary Mechanics and Heat (4 cr. hr.)
  • PHY 106 - Elementary Electricity, Light and Sound (4 cr. hr.) or
  • PHY 201 - Principles of Physics I (4 cr. hr.)
  • PHY 202 - Principles of Physics II (4 cr. hr.)
Total Credit Hours Required for the concentration in Environmental Health: 25-26

Total Credit Hours Required for Graduation: 124