Program Details

Community Health: Concentration in Allied Health [CHEA_ALLH] (Major)

This concentration in the Health Department is designed to provide background needed to pursue post-baccalaureate study in various allied health fields. In conjunction with the Community Health major, it provides students with the prerequisite course work needed for programs in such areas as nursing, physical therapy and occupational therapy. The combination of the concentration and the major gives students course work needed for advanced study and the preparation required for a wide variety of community/public health positions.

Career Potential

  • Community health practitioner
  • Nursing (provides prerequisites for advanced programs)
  • Physical therapy (provides prerequisites for advanced programs)
  • Occupational therapy (provides prerequisites for advanced programs)
  • Other clinical careers

Community Health with a concentration in Allied Health [CHEA_ALLH]

In addition to the requirements to fulfill the concentration in Allied Health listed below, students must fulfill all degree requirements for the Bachelor of Science in Community Health.

Required Concentration Courses: 23-26 credit hours

Biology requirement - select both: Eight credit hours

  • BIO 201 - Biological Sciences I (4 cr. hr.)
  • BIO 202 - Biological Sciences II (4 cr. hr.)
Chemistry requirement - select one of the two sequences: Seven or eight credit hours
  • CHE 121 - Elementary Chemistry I (4 cr. hr.) and
  • CHE 122 - Elementary Chemistry II (3 cr. hr.) or
  • CHE 221 - General Chemistry I (4 cr. hr.) and
  • CHE 222 - General Chemistry II (4 cr. hr.)
Physics requirement: eight credit hours
  • PHY 105 - Elementary Mechanics and Heat (4 cr. hr.)
  • PHY 106 - Elementary Electricity, Light and Sound (4 cr. hr.)
Math requirement - select from the following: Three or six credit hours
If you are pursuing a career as a community health practitioner, or in other clinical careers select either:
  • MAT 121 - Calculus A (3 cr. hr.) or
  • MAT 201 - Statistical Methods (3 cr. hr.)
If you are pursuing a career in nursing, physical or occupational therapy, or in other medical-related fields select both:
  • MAT 121 - Calculus A (3 cr. hr.) and
  • MAT 122 - Calculus B (3 cr. hr.)
Total Credit Hours Required for the concentration in Allied Health: 23-26

Total Credit Hours Required for Graduation: 124