Writing Intensive Courses

Writing Intensive Course Requirement

Students are required to complete six hours of coursework in Writing Intensive courses. At least three of these credit hours must be completed in their major. Writing Intensive courses are based on three premises: that writing improves with practice in diverse settings; that writing engages students and improves the learning of the material being taught; and that writing develops thinking skills.

Courses that are labeled Writing Intensive have the following characteristics:

  1. They require students to write the equivalent of 15 typed pages
  2. They require at least 2 pieces of writing; or, in some courses, you may require students to complete one project, which will be submitted in multiple drafts.
  3. Any writing for a final examination is not included in the 15 pages of writing required.
  4. Students must have opportunities to revise their written work.

If you would like to request Writing Intensive designation for an existing course, please log in to Curriculog and complete the "Adding/Deleting an Attribute to Existing Course" form.  For help in Curriculog, please contact Pam Schroeder at ext. 2206. 

To view a model of a WI request and models of WI syllabi, click on the following links:

Filled-in WI Course Designation Form

Excerpts from WI Syllabi

If you have any questions about requesting for Writing Intensive Course status, please contact Laura Davies, Campus Writing Coordinator, Old Main, Room 113-D, 753-2074, laura.davies@cortland.edu.